The Fall of Oriath: Yugul, Reflection of Terror

The Fall of Oriath: Yugul, Reflection of Terror

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  1. The liquid metal reminds me of Terminator 2. And we had that entrance animation in act 5 that resembles the one in the first Terminator movie…

  2. the fight looks cool but i hope that spine snap rip-off isnt the boss cus thats kinda a cop out

  3. i can see dead Hardcore Characters… ggg you need to add a german Text Support. I think thats very important! I meet some people in germany, who won't play your game because it hasn t a german language (text) Support. You need to add this very fast.

  4. I wish I could say I'm impressed. Looks like the same boss fight we've been seeing, lately, reskinned. ='[.]'=

  5. same as ryslatha, just a reskinned mob. LAZY '6 acts' ….. lame

  6. Sigh, kind of disappointing. With such a cool premise as pools of liquid with metamorphic qualities, why have them morph into nothing but boring maws…

  7. Well i hate this exp… this year in my holydays i can't play Poe for this "slow exp" so meh i Lost all the hype probably i Will play some moba or d3 cya

  8. I wonder if this one gets slight nerfs, the floating slowing orbs seem to be pretty brutal in how fast they kill something.

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