The Incredible Sculptures of Kachabeswarar Temple – Thirukachur

The Incredible Sculptures of Kachabeswarar  Temple – Thirukachur

Hey guys, today let us take a look at this
ancient temple called Katchabeswarar temple in a small town called Tirukachur. This temple is said to be built around 8th
century A.D and was rebuilt again in 16th century. This temple is known for its very weird carvings. For example here is A very strange carving
showing someone with a massive hunchback, this person’s back is almost bent at 90 degrees
to the legs. The person is walking using a stick, because
it would be impossible to walk like this without a stick. Here is a figure standing on top of another
figure. And look at this guy’s hairstyle. It looks like a native American headdress. If that’s his real hair, may be he is getting
an electric shock? There are no fingers in his hand, He appears
to have only half of this arm and is standing in a weird position. What does this mean? Here is another figure with a very large head
dress. It is shown touching the ground. In another pillar we can see Conjoined twin
girls. They look very scary, with very glaring eyes
and interesting facial features. Why do we see these carvings in a Hindu temple? This temple basically sits on a square piece
of land of about 2 acres with a compound wall on all sides. Inside the walls, there is kind of an L shaped
structure which houses the sanctum and other structures. You can see some towers sticking out of the
flat roof. The temple tank is situated outside the compound
wall, it also belongs to the temple property. It is a gigantic tank, always full of water
for Public use. Gigantic wooden doors protect the main entrance. The main entrance is made of a cube like structure
made of granite blocks. It is considered an original ancient structure
from many centuries ago. This temple has been continuously renovated
so you will see the a mixture of some new structures here and there. As soon as we enter inside the temple, again
we are drawn to the strange carvings. Here is a carving which shows a figure – half
tortoise and half human – putting a flower on a lingam. Who is this figure? It is Lord Vishnu because you can identify
his tools and weapons. This carving tells us the story of how this
temple was founded. The name of this type of Vishnu is called
Karkada and this is why the lingam got the name Karchabeswarar. In the same pillar, you can see another carving. Here is a man holding a ball like thing on
top of a lingam. What is going on here? Please let me know the answer in the comments
section. Let us go into the chambers which house the
deities. These are dark chambers where there is very
little light. All these structures are made of granite and
the walls are very thick. Look through these diamond shaped windows
and you realize how thick the granite wall must be. On the ceiling in the main structure, I found
a very strange carving. What is this? Why are they carved on the ceiling of the
most important chamber? Are these merely fictional animals, or do
these species exist in real life?Inside the sanctum, there is a small lingam which is
known as Kachabeswarar. Locals consider it as a powerful lingam which
emits divine radiation. Outside the temple, there is a small building
with several pillars. It has many interesting carvings on the the
ceiling and pillars. Here is a horse man ready to throw a spear
and this horse, a male horse is shown stomping on the enemy, who is on the ground. Look at this curious carving. Here we can see a lingam which is on a gigantic
pedestal. There are 2 birds shown on either side of
the lingam, and the bird on the left is shown touching the lingam while the bird on the
right is shown looking at the lingam. What is the story behind this? This is a scene from an ancient Indian story
. On the left is a saint called Bhusunda who is in the form of a crow. In Tamil, he is known as Kaagabhujandar a
saint who is said to be immortal. On the right of the lingam, is Lord Brahma,
who is in the form of a Swan. According to Tamil Stories, Lord Brahma transformed
into a swan and tried to see the tip of the lingam and had failed. So he approaches Bhusanda, and asks him if
he had seen the tip. This is that scene where they both meet. Like this, there are many many strange carvings
in this temple. They tell a lot of rare stories which you
cannot see in other temples. So if you get a chance, do visit this small
town called Tirukachur and explore this temple, it will be a visual treat for you. I hope you liked this video, I am Praveen
Mohan, thanks a lot for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and also click on
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  2. Hi praveen! If advanced machining tools like Polishing tools, drilling machine or lathe machines were used in ancient India, they would require motors as well to facilitate rotary motion. Can we find any proofs of ancient motors that were used in ancient India?😯

  3. Praveen , you are a champ !

    I wish you work on temple by temple , make stories of every temple completely and set up a paid guide to visitors so that visitor not just come and go rather understand carvings ( I am sure they were carved to tell stories to pious visitors and transform them to be a better human but today no one visit for this purpose and it’s important to get this culture back )

  4. Поразительные вещи Вы показываете.Эти остатки очень древних храмов поражают воображение.А мегалитические ворота?Судя по размерам их строили великаны непонятно какими технологиями.Они прекрасно сохранились и барельефы тоже.Видимо раньше люди были разными, не такими как теперь.Но это не мешало всем жить в мире.

  5. Lingam must be a singular part of a multipart system.
    The birds might be contacts on a armature in an electric motor sitting on vacation stator ring.
    Sphere above ight be a bearing or could be anything…

  6. Had to pause at 1:05 and make a note. On this carving where you stated his hair is like an American Indian Head dress and then he's missing fingers or hands I disagree. The head is overly large which makes the rest of the body appear short. But the individual is turned at an angle which also gives off the "short arm" appearance. But I clearly see either a cuff from a long sleeve shirt or more likely a bracelet on the left wrist. From here I see he has both hands firmly together palm to palm as if he's "praying". I know you were there and seen it first-hand so I accept I can be mistaken but this is what I see on my screen.

  7. Must be, it is not a ball it is a flower!! There was a war between Brahma and vishnu!! And this may be a Brahma with a round ball, what u r showing! And person who holding flower is a Vishnu, he is holding a lotus, person who got succeded in a sin flourishing war between Brahma and Vishnu ! Just this is a historical lesson over this! Just think it out!!

  8. «Know, O son of Kunti, that all kinds of life are generated by material nature, and I am the father who gives the seed .the seed of life« (Bhagavad-gita 14t.4).

  9. wow! i just had a dream of that fish like creature this morning and then came across this video! Can someone explain to me what that might be and what it represents, please. thanks in advance.

  10. That was what? at last? Hanumana paying homage to lingam or Garuda paying homage ! though garuda have no tail at his back ! He have fangs?!

  11. remind me the olmec gods of fire the one with the stick and old age and how the mayan depictwarr scene with the winer on the top of the loser always with a foot on the face and samefor the twins sister remind me Tlatlico and early mexican culture ffrom 5000 BC really interesting

  12. Hi Praveen ..this was a clinic for the malformed and the dieties are protecting the malformed. I am a drug addict (former) and your videos give me incredible joy. What an honor it is to feel the need to speak to you about this particular video. I pray peace and prosperity into you life and jeeze…..many more videos!!!! Praveen you are a blessing.

  13. Thank you for these videos, I live in Florida and can’t travel but love and fascinated with your country and meditation and all these temples. Thank you

  14. Praveen… At 1:02, half arms, no fingers? It doesn't have the right proportions, but you can even see the hands joined together, like praying, with its fingers. At 0:45, I don't think you are really identifying the carving subject.

  15. At 3:45 secs, it looks like the person is holding something similar to a ball or it might be a baby that he is holding?

  16. U make awesome videos
    In tamil nadu coimbatore isha foundation there is temple called dhyanalinga temple it's also awesome

  17. The second sculpture is problematic Garuda and Vishnu
    Because the man on top of the creature as a couch shell and a the chakra, this is only shown vishnu

  18. 4:25 – all I see are elephants and snakes. But you say they are mysterious. Usually temples till the start of the Islamic rule show intricate carvings. Later on Islamic rulers did not support the temple architects and funds dried up. This led to a drastic drop in the quality of sculptures. Obviously the temple is not that old, but still is a beautiful piece of art.

  19. வணக்கம் மோகன் நீ ஏன் தமிழில் வீடியோ போட மட்டிங்கிறிங்க. சரியா படிக்காத எங்களுக்கு எல்லாம் எப்பவும் அறிவு வளரக்கூடாதுன்ன? இல்ல வெளிநாட்டவர் உங்களுடன் அதிக பழக்க வழக்கம் வைத்துக் கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்பதற்க?
    எனக்கு நீங்கள் சித்தராகவே தெரிகின்றீர்கள் , அவர்கள் தான் எல்லாவற்றையும் மறைத்தே சொல்லுவர். நீங்களும் என் போன்ற முட்டாள்களால் புரிந்து கொள்ள முடியாதபடியே செய்தால் எப்படி?

  20. Brother, You are doing great work, By god grace, you should do many more such excellent works. My native place is Kancheepuram, still I did not have chance to go to see Kalishanathar temple, even if I get too, this much detailed, extentive view I would not get, we would see molavar and rush out. Such a great explations!! We see through your eyes, Thanks a lot.

  21. The way you describe many of the sculptures, especially in the beginning, reminds me of the portraits and posters advertising something like a circus side show(freak show) from the 19th and 20th century. I'm sure it's not a "freak show". But could it possibly be an asylum or other place where genetically mutated people could go or be placed for "care"? Like a hospital or charitable organization maybe?

  22. He must be the Bhramha holding the Earth on top of a lingam(as he is the creator), may be as a gift/ or a completed prototype, because if it was an offering he could have placed it over the lingam as in the carving of vishnu.
    From the carving we might assume the importance of lingam is undisputably superior to any other matter in the universe.

  23. Hi Praveen, @4:00 the ball like thing….. I bet it was a load stone.recharging a the force from Lingham to ball stone(load -magnetic).

  24. How many of you contributed to cauvery calling…. Plz donate for our future… Keeping money in bank is not sure that will save ur future.. but planting tress will help ur fore grandson's..

  25. Some of the "figures" imply this Temple as possibly a hospice/ "Curative" center. Perhaps the Lingam & vol. of Water were Step Up Transformers of Bio-Plasmatic Energy into Higher Plane Healing Energy…after all, Temples were devotional structures dedicated to Be-ings of a Higher Vibrational Order/Dimension…
    (Healing Orbs & Healing Energies)
    …."such is above………below".

  26. Mohan sir pls visit koilkuntla village kurnool dist A.P where we can find ranganayaka temple which was built by Sri Krishna devaraya

  27. The famous turtle Kurma is beautiful in every way.

    "Seeing what happened by the will of the Almighty, the immeasurably powerful Lord, whose determination is unshakable, took on the amazing shape of a turtle, sank into the depths of the ocean and lifted the huge mountain Mandara.

    When the demigods and demons saw that Mount Mandara had been lifted from the bottom, they perked up again and were eager to churn the ocean. This mountain rested on the shell of a huge turtle that looked like an island the size of one hundred thousand yojanas.

    O king, the demigods and demons with all their might began to rotate Mount Mandara, which rested on the back of an unusual turtle. This rotation gave the turtle pleasure because it perceived it as a pleasant scratching "(Srimad Bhagavatam p. 8, ch. 7, v. 8-10).

  28. Maybe it was a place to gather if you had a physical so-called 'defect' which I DO NOT think ARE defects, more like differences to me, but it's is what society makes us believe…. wouldn't that be AWESOME? Maybe it was a place of gathering if you were DIFFERENT 😉

  29. All temples have lingam. Is that used as a power source for the different spiritual and scientific experiments like cloning and different species so called hybridization?

  30. About Red Indian looking sculpture. If you will look carefully. You will see his hands in namastey position.
    You have to keep looking at his hands from distance. You will see five fingers and a thumb.
    Please confirm if you agree.
    I always watch your youtube videos. Very interesting. Thank you.

  31. Hi Praveen sir, all your works are highly commendable. I keep advising my family members to watch your work on youtube. And also in Karnataka, we have too many temple secrets. If get a chance, i request you to visit them too. The one on Hampi lathe machine was simply mind blowing. Thank you. I pray god to bestow you with good health and long life to keep up the good work.

  32. Nothing special look people wrote on paper these days but past they didn't know how to create paper so only option was to written on stone or woods or leaves. You can see people Spiderman, batman ,

  33. I think Praveen Mohan is losing his touch. In the beginning he sounded credible. But day by day he is getting weird. Exhibiting ordinary carvings which can be easily explained by anybody as a mystery. He is obsessed with his alien theories so that he can hold on to some western audience.

    Brother Praveen. Ancient Indian architecture is a marvel. Concentrate on that, instead of postulating weird stories. If you show case the marvel of Indian architecture and Indian culture, foreigners will love it and decide to visit India.

    In your desperation do not do silly things, including ghost hunting. The interest sparkled by you initially will die down. It is already happening. People who were enthusiastic about your videos initially are slowly but surely losing interest. I am for sure.

    Do not slaughter a goose that lays golden eggs.

  34. Brother please don't say it is Hindu temple because in those days Tamil Nadu had only SAMANAM SAIVAM VAINAVAM. try to say exact word for each temple for example if the main idol in the karuvarai is Sivan it is SAIVAM and Vishnu for VAINAVAM.

  35. 1st figure with a ball like structure on aside shivlingam is kuber in my opinion due to his big stomach and the animal shown in next carving is depicting the story of lord vishnu's matsya avtar

  36. Thanks for sharing this knowledge sir
    I suggest you to see the temple called kolanupaka near yadagirigutta Telangana
    It is known to be the very ancient BC

  37. The sculpture @1:27, the right arm and index finger seem to be pointing directly at the observer…Thanks Praveen for these awesome vids…

  38. At 3:54 that ball like structure is I think kalash from which he pouring water on shivling….just see the position of his hand doing jalabhishek

  39. Ur dedication and devotion for study of ancient Indian sculptures Will be remembered forever…we indians are glad for foreigners studying our great heritage…may this booster more and more historical researchers to explore true history of India…

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