There is Healing in the Stripes of Jesus ! Aapka Abdhut Samay | Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

There is Healing in the Stripes of Jesus ! Aapka Abdhut Samay | Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

Let us listen to John chapter 19 verses 17,18 And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called
the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: Where they crucified him, and two others with him,
on either side one and Jesus in the midst. Jesus bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of
a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha where they crucified him. This verse clearly explains us
about the crucifixion of Jesus. Each Country had the concept of
punishing criminals in different ways. In those days when kings ruled, they had strict
punishments which would make the criminals fear to sin. It was the reign of Romans. They had conquered many places in the World. Roman dictator Caesar was ruling the Country. Israel was also ruled by Romans. It was during that time,
God entered Earth in the form of man. He came into this World in the name of Jesus. “He went about doing well and healing all that
were oppressed of the devil” it is mentioned in Acts 10:38 They crucified Jesus who healed
and delivered people. Crucifixion was one the cruelest
punishments given by the Roman government To those who indulge in murders,
robbery and rebelling against government. If a man is subjected to crucifixion,
none can speak on behalf of him. None can show mercy for him. None can change the judgement
of Roman government. One who is subjected to this cruel
punishment would be severely beaten. They will torture him cruelly. The merciless warriors would
beat him mercilessly, They would place the wooden cross on his shoulders
on which he is to be hung and will drag him. People would humiliate them by saying,
“He is the sinner who committed this sin.” As everyone to see, he was brought to the suburb They would nail his body on the cross
and hung him facing their city. His body starts shed blood
as hanging on the cross It causes much pain. They would inscribe on the cross,
the sin committed by him. Passersby would humiliate him by
looking onto the inscription on the cross. Physical pain and mental pain
due to humiliation on either sides. Amidst this, he dies with a hatred for life. Crucifixion is such a terrible penalty. Why should Jesus be crucified on the
cross though he has not committed any sins? Why should the son of God be crucified? Beloved, Pilate, the Governor, who had the authority
to issue death penalty, lived in the contemporary age of Jesus He was the Judge. Only he can order lethal punishments. After investigating Jesus, he says that
he couldn’t find any fault with him. The Judge after investigating gave
his judgement that he couldn’t find any fault with him. But the same Judge ordered Jesus to be crucified. A thing that had never happened
in any courts in the World. A criminal was discovered to be
innocent by the Judge after investigation. Yet he is punished.
How is it possible? But he ordered Jesus to be crucified. So crucifixion is not the punishment given to God. None can punish Jesus. In Galatians chapter 1 verse 4, the Bible says, “Who gave himself for our sins?” The Bible says that he gave himself
to crucifixion for our sins. Yes, beloved In John chapter 10 verse 18, Jesus says, No man taketh life from me,
but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and
I have power to take it again. Thus, we can read in the Bible,
Jesus himself talking about his death and resurrection. He gave himself for crucifixion. Otherwise no man can touch him. Why should he submit himself on the cross? For the sake of us. For the sake of you who is listening to this. For the sake of each man and woman. He submitted himself to die on the cross
for the sake of everyone in this World. The Bible says that he accepted the
sufferings on the cross to bless us, For us to be blessed To change our sorrows to joy, to witness a miracle in our life.
He sacrificed himself on the cross God wants me to explain you about that
and to pray for your blessings. First, look unto the Jesus on the cross. We could see him hanging
on the cross shedding blood. Firstly, His blood on the cross. Secondly, look unto the wounds,
He accepted on the cross. Isaiah 53:5 says, “He was wounded for
our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities.” He was wounded and bruised. The blood shed is needed,
we have many punishments for it Those days they followed execution
in which head is cut off. It could also result in shedding blood. But Jesus not only shed blood
but also was wounded. His body was wounded and bruised. From head to toe he was wounded.
There was no part had left without wounds His head was wounded by the crown of thorns. His spine was wounded by whip. His hands were wounded by nails. His whole body was wounded by scourge. From head to toe his body was wounded. Even after resurrection,
Jesus shows those wounds to Thomas. He shows the wounds and scars caused by nails. He shows the rib into which
the warrior pierced a sword. Why those wounds? Why those scars? 1 Peter 2:24 says “By his stripes we are healed.” We are healed by the stripes caused by his wounds. Sickness, weakness and disease affect us. Following this, it impacts.. We are mentally affected if we are sick. An entirely family is shattered
when one of the members is sick. You may be one of the victims of such conditions. You may be affected by asthma, Cancer, arthritis. You may be shattered because of
the sufferings caused by sickness. God wants you to be healthy. God does not want you to suffer with sickness. God wishes that the people he
created should be healthy and safe. Satan has brought disease through sins. Satan brings sickness through sins
and makes our body to suffer. God looks at this and decides to heal his people And turn their sickness. So he accepted those sickness. Mathew chapter 8 verse 17 says, “He himself took our infirmities,
and bare our sickness.” He took all our sickness,
weakness and pains on the cross To deliver us from sickness. Today, when servants of God
pray people are getting healed. They testify that their 3 years
of pain on the kneel has gone, That their sickness gone within a minute. How does that happen? Though you are healed when the pastor
prays, what does the pastor do for your healing? The pastor does nothing. We cannot heal you. We do not do anything for your healing. We pray unto him. Then,
how does that miracle happen? You are healed by the wounds of Jesus
who took your sickness on the cross. His stripes are performing miracles. All those sickness are gone
when his wounded hands touch you. When we pray, his wounded hands touch you. At the age of fourteen, I was in death
bed as my heart was swollen and my right leg was paralyzed. Doctors from Chennai abandoned me. They said that I would survive no more. There was no relation between us and Jesus. When my Christian friend prayed
for me, Jesus came beside my bed And touched me with his wounded
hands. I have felt his touch. At the age of fourteen, when I was
paralyzed, the hands of Jesus touched me. It touched this body. As soon as that hands touched,
I who was paralyzed started to walk. As soon as that hands touched,
my swollen heart turned normal. My death bed was changed as
the wounded hands of Jesus touched me. How do miracles happen? When we pray or when you pray, God shows
his mercy and touches you with his wounded hands. The Bible says that he accepted
all those wounds on the cross to heal you. By his stripes we are healed. That is why many testify that
they felt a touch and they are healed. It is the hands of Jesus.
That wounded hands. When that wounded hands touch,
miracles happen instantly. So do not expect that
a servant of God should touch you, But expect that the God should touch you. Lord, you should touch me. Ask that his wounded hands should touch you. Do you know why? Because he
took your sickness on the cross. He took your cancer on the cross. He took your eye defects on the cross. He took your asthma on the cross. He took all your sickness
and weakness on the cross. He has accepted the stripes. Ask, “Jesus, let your wounded arms touch me.” You are healed miraculously and
transformed as soon as you are touched by him. Even the dead parts of your body starts to function. Cancer will be healed as soon as he touch. Miraculous healing by his stripes. No other magic spells. It is Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! It is the blood he shed on the cross. It is the stripes he accepted on the cross. That performs miracles. Neither Bro.Appadurai nor
Mohan.c.Lazarus has that power. The wounded hands of Jesus heals us. You should believe it. How great is his love! He accepted the wounds on the cross
2000 years ago to heal your sickness. He accepted the stripes
It is because of love. Jesus will never discriminate
the seekers based on caste or religion. Gods can never do so. There is no separate Gods
for diverse people and language. Jesus is the God of this whole Universe. He loves all. That is why a Hindu sister testifies. I belonged to Hindu religion. But Jesus did not ignore me,
as He had no relationship with me He touched and healed me He did not demand me to convert to Christianity. He did not say so. He healed me. He made me to walk who was once paralyzed. Understand Jesus. Understand His love. Understand the love of the God who was
wounded and bruised for us on the cross. He will touch you today. He is here, among us. If you call him through prayer,
you can feel him beside you. You can feel his touch. You can feel his healing. You are delivered instantly. Unholy spirit will leave you
as soon as he touches you. It is because of his presence. As soon as Jesus comes, unholy
spirit cannot stay. So it runs away. Free deliverance. Free healing. You need not spend money. You need no rituals. It is enough for you to believe the name ‘Jesus’. You believe that Jesus died for you on the cross, He shed his blood for me, And he died on the cross
because of his love for me. When you say “Jesus, I know that you died for me. Please deliver me” God will show his mercy upon you. That’s it. Simple faith would lead to miracles. Cancer would be healed. You may have vision defect, If he touches you, your eyes are opened. He is the god of miracles. He cares for his people. He is a merciful God. He cares for you. Beloved, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. You have lost your beauty and you
seem to be disfigured because of sickness. God will heal you with his touch And will give you a healthy skin. We are going to pray for that. Will you pray along with me with faith? We are going to pray to Jesus
who shed his blood on the cross. Father, Look at the children who
are praying along with me. You hung on the cross disfigured. For the sake of me, you were tortured. You took our curse, sickness, sufferings,
sorrows on the cross, disfigured and died for me and for us. Even after resurrection,
you bear those wounds on your body. Thank God for loving me. Father, Forgive, show mercy and heal me. Deliver me. Help those children who
are crying unto you, lord. According to the verse,”The blood of
Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins” Let the power of your blood descend into them. Forgive their sins. Deliver them from the clutches
of sins and delight them. Let the power of the blood of
Jesus Christ touch them. Let the clutches of sin be broken. Lord, look at the children those who
are disfigured because of their sickness. We read that we are healed by your stripes, Touch with your striped hands. Let all the sickness change in the name of Jesus. Let all the weakness change in the name of Jesus. Let the wicked diseases like Cancer
that destroy and disfigure the body leave. Touch with your striped hands and
let there be a healing. Father, you took our debt, needs,
humiliations and troubles on the cross. Please do remember it, Father. Touch with your powerful hands. Let all the troubles leave and
let there be a miracle. Let all their needs be met. Bless each one of them, remembering your
sufferings on the cross in Calvary for them. We praise for you have blessed us. Thank you. In the name of Jesus, we pray Amen. Amen. Beloved, God has heard your prayers. He has done miracles for you. Often you think about the
sufferings of Jesus on the cross And thank him. The more you meditate on the
sufferings of Jesus on the cross, The more you receive the
blessings he earned on the cross. Let the blessings of our Lord Jesus
Christ be with you forever and ever. Amen.

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  2. Praise the Lord brother please pray for our salvation God bless us with our problems and give us strength in name off Jesus Christ Amen

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