Three Dimensions of Yoga from Sadashiva’s Original Sourcebook: the Agamas

Three Dimensions of Yoga from Sadashiva’s Original Sourcebook: the Agamas

nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādishakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām || I welcome all of you with My love and respects.
I welcome all the Sarvajna Peetha Yajamans, Nithya Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis,
Thanedars, devotees, disciples, visitors, YouTube Subscribers, sitting with us through
Nithyananda TV and Facebook Live on 100s of Aadheenavasis channels, YouTube Live and through
2-way Video Conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.
I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I’ll continue to expand on ‘Aadheenam
Chalo Series’. Yoga – as per the Veda and Agamas, first of all I wanted to reiterate
– Yoga has religion – that is Hinduism. It is from the Hindu culture, Hindu tradition.
Yoga has evolved Hindu though current. Yoga has evolved….it’s a gift, we gave it to
the world, from the Hindu thought current. The original Vedic and Agamic description,
definition of Yoga – 3 levels: The science of exploring various powers.
Science of exploring various states of Consciousness. Science of exploring various dimensions of
the Universe. Understand, some of the planets, the base
material of the planet is diamond. You should know, some of the planets are 80% diamond
material. When we have access to that Planets and able to transport…. what will happen,
nobody can describe; whether diamond market will collapse or value of our wealth will
go up, we don’t know!!
Access, possibility opens new doors which
can’t be described. You do not know the result and end result. You do not know what
all other doors can open through this. Same way, access to the multi-dimensions of the
Universe, you do not know, how many new possibilities and doors open and not only Hindu tradition
talks about access to other Lokas, other planes of Universe, it was a very common practice.
In Hindu tradition, human beings having access or those Beings contacting human beings, I
don’t even want to say, “In the modern
day, people are not doing it.” No! We have
enough of people who are doing it, even now. Mainstream media does not accept this, because
it is possessed by ignorant, materialistic… Understand, all they want is the pleasures
which can be experienced by this body. They do want to think or talk about anything else.
And it is always fear, “What will happen, Oh God! If that happens – what will happen,
if this happens – what will happen, will I
lose all this enjoyments?” Funny Fear, that’s
a right word I’ll use. ‘Funny Fear’. Understand, whenever a person introduces Super
Consciousness to you and pushes you to the next level, the society which is all the time
in the unconsciousness, feels threatened. They try to scream, shout, jump, attack; they
try all possible stupid things. It is like, you make a fireball and throw towards the
sun, thinking you are going to hurt the sun. Fool! It is going to fall on you or your friends
and your hut. Unconscious mind, constantly feels threatened,
fight everything. They feel threatened by everything and attack everything. Only one
good thing, they are so stupid, their attack always fails; because in such unconsciousness,
what will you do?! They are so stupid… they are bound to fail in their attack.
Introducing the higher possibilities, science
of exploring all the powers, science of exploring all the states of consciousness….. Today,
Sadashivoham Participants and Inner Awakening Participants are going to have session, on
25 states of consciousness. I’ll be fueling your system with Turiyatita. Understand, it
is like a putting the flight petrol, in a 2 wheeler village, Indian village, 2 wheeler
or tractor, where crude oil and kerosene oil is used. How smooth that engine will fly!
In Indian villages, the tractors and 2 wheelers…. not even diesel, they use kerosene. And…
actually, in India we do not have separate roller coaster; because the kerosene oiled
tractor, with the Indian road, gives us a complete experience of a roller coaster, we
don’t need a separate roller coaster!! That is why roller coasters are not that popular
in India. And Indians when they sit in roller coaster, what is there? A village tractor
ride, that’s all. Why are you…. praising this so much and what is there to be so excited!
The tractor where kerosene is used regularly, if you pour the flight fuel, flight petrol,
white petrol, how smooth the vehicle will be, that is exactly the feeling you will have.
The body which is fueled only by Sushupti, Jagrat, Swapna, means deep sleep, dreaming
and little waking state once in a while, because of cup of coffee; the body which was being
dragged, functioning only with these states, if even little turiyatita is mixed, it is
like a ‘wow’! Today, I’ll put little Turiyatita. You will see the kind of a alchemy
change in the system. “God, what is going
on? What is He doing to my system?” I am
just changing the fuel. Multiple things will happen. One, a thorough healing of the body.
All the repaired parts, get healed. All the friction disappears. Then, ability of your
mind to see, perceive, cognize, Jeeva – Individual
Self, Jagat – Universe, Ishwara – Sadāshiva; ability to cognize Jeeva, Ishwara, Jagat.
Ability to connect with the Jeeva, Ishvara
and Jagat, becomes high when you are fueled
with the Turiyatita space and state. That is why this 25 states of consciousness, knowledge
about it and experience about it, is very important. There is a beautiful verse, by a great Saint
– Tirumoolar – Ponnai maraithathu pon-ani booshanam, ponnil
maraithathu pon-ani booshanam, Thannai maraithathu thankaranangalae, thanil
maraithathu thankaranangalae”
I’ll give you the translation –
“If you see the jewel – you will not remember the gold,
if you remember the gold – you will forget
the jewel, design.”
If your body is fueled by deep sleep, waking and dream state – Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti
– it will be all about Karana. Karana means eyes, ears, tongue – the action based organs
projecting the Universe. This organs projecting
the Universe, does not let you experience
your original Turiya-Turiyatita state. When I add this Turiya and Turiyatita, like a juice
into your Being, it can be added just like a juice, like a pour….I can pour this tea
on your head, like that I can pour that. One good thing, the tea will over flow, this will
get into your system, Turiya and Turiyatita. When the Turiya and Turiyatita gets into your
system, the Karana, the organ based projection of the world, dissolves into your original
state. So the original state becomes reality than the organ based projection Universe.
Listen. Organ based projected Universe, as long as you are perceiving it, you are pursuing
it, it will all be love, hatred, good, bad, right, wrong – jumps in the life. But, when Turiya and Turiyatita
is added to your bio-memory, bio-energy, suddenly you will realize, your Self is a much deeper
and higher reality than the organ based projected based Universe. Understand. If your stomach is experiencing
acidity, you will feel whole world is enemy,
demon. You don’t need big, big, demons to
come and attack you, just little acidity is enough; and the kind of a tantrum you throw!!
A simple hunger and food is not immediately
available, how many go crazy, raise your hands.
True! It’s true! Organ based projection, perception of the
Universe that is like crude oiled run tractor,
in a village ‘kuccha’ road, which has
higher ups and downs of any best roller coaster in the world. If Turiya and Turiyatita is
added into your system, suddenly you will feel like you are flying. The whole inner
space is lubricated. Turiya and Turiyatita is the important fuel, with which your body
need to be filled, if you are interested in experiencing Kailasa.
All energy darshan, is the attempt to pour Turiya and Turiyatita state in your body,
in your system; that’s all. Understand. Hinduism is basically the science of exploring
the multiple possibilities and powers, opening various states of Consciousness and exploring
multi-dimensions of the Universe. Sadāshiva uses 3 major methods – Mani, Mantra,
Aushadha. Mani means spiritual alchemy products, non-invasive,
they do not get into your body. You just keep them near you, like a Kali Mandala, Sadāshiva
Mandala – all the Mandalas I have given you.
Totally, we have laid our hands on around
112 Mandalas. Just recently 4 more Mandala I discovered in Agamas. Those are spiritual
alchemy products – Mani. Mantra means the spiritual alchemy process,
where you sit in a mandala, specific line and specific sounds are generated and initiation
is induced. Shaktipata – that is mantra. Aushada means certain sacred herbs you will
be swallowing or keeping it in your mouth, which is invasive, which enters into your
body and raises your state of Consciousness or raises you to the other planes of the Universe.
Mani, Mantra, Aushada are the 3 methods through which Sadāshiva opens up the possibilities
of manifesting all the powers, manifesting all the states of Consciousness and exploring
dimensions of the Universe. Still now, I have not introduce the science
of Aushada. I have introduce only Mani and Mantra to the world. This coming ‘MahaSadāshivoham’,
I am introducing the science of Aushada. Coming
‘MahaSadāshivoham’ – December 18th to
January 9th. December 18, 2017 to January 9th 2018, coming ‘MahaSadashivoham’, you
will be experiencing all these three – Mani, Mantra, Aushada and all these three – exploring
the powers and possibilities, exploring states of Consciousness, exploring the various dimensions
of the Universe. Whole science of Yoga, as introduced by Sadāshiva, in all its multi-dimensional
ways, the whole science is ready; will be available to all of you in this year December
18th to January 9th Inner Awakening program, which will be named as MahaSadāshivoham,
ending on 41st Avatar Day. This will be the next gift to humanity from Sadāshiva. Pack
your bags, get ready! Book your flights, pack your bags, mark your calendar, get ready,
December 18th to January 9th, 2017 to 2018. 2017 December 18thto January 9th 2018. The
location will be Kailasa, Bengaluru Aadheenam. Location will be Kailasa, Bengaluru Aadheenam.
So, I’ll introduce the details of this whole Mani, Mantra, Aushada science and exploring
powers, states of Consciousness and multi-dimensions of the Universe, in further Satsangs through
this Aadheenam Chalo Series. Now with this, I bless you all. Let’s all
radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam,
Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss – Nithyananda. Thank you.
Be Blissful.

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  1. Swamiji, the revelations of about Manni, Manthra & Oushada are quite unique in the development to Thuriya to Athithuria state. Thanks for teaching this process to refine our own spiritual journey. I am looking forward to Oushada teachings.

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