Trust Me I’m Trying! | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

Trust Me I’m Trying! | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

now John chapter 5 verse 7 sir
the invalid replied I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is
stirred while I am trying to get in someone else goes down ahead of me
you’re gonna love this because you’ve been wanting to say this anyway on my
title and I’m gonna let you say it right now and because I’m telling you to say
it you will have permission to say it look at the person next to you and tell
them this and tell them in a convincing way say trust me I’m trying you may be
seated I promise I am I really am trying I know I don’t always hit the mark but I
really am trying because for me I have a rule especially as a boss the people
that work for me is that I always try to make it a point never to punish somebody
who’s trying to be proactive I feel like if somebody makes a mistake because they
took it a little too far that’s a little Jesus Jesus let Peter cut Malchus’s
ear off in the garden and put it back on like Mr. Potato Head but I think he
liked Peter because Peter wouldn’t just sit around Peter was like all right
I can do something about this the Spirit is willing the flesh is weak and I’m
about to use my flesh to cut off and and that’s that’s a really interesting thing
isn’t it now the kids will call somebody a try hard it’s like a way of saying you
know if if it looks like you you try too hard on your outfit and I get that but I
like people who will give it a level of effort and even if they miss they swing
so big I’ve always liked people like that I thought I should tell you this if
I ever come up here to preach and I don’t do good which I’m sure happens it
won’t be because I didn’t try so if you ever see me up here struggling in this
pulpit and you’re like I don’t really
understand this one I think I see what he was trying to do did you catch that
number one it’s probably your fault cuz you didn’t pray enough before you came
to church that’s it but trust me I’m trying and I think sometimes it can be
frustrating when you are giving your best effort but what is required of you
is beyond your ability and I’m gonna try to ignore this fly buzzing around my
head but touch somebody and say I’m trying I’m I’m really trying
I’m you must have had to really trust Jesus to follow him when he walked the
earth people say oh I wish I could have followed Jesus and walked with him
you know now it’s harder because God is not visible like that and it would have
been so cool no it wouldn’t it would have been so difficult to trust Jesus and he
was always getting in so much trouble he was always explaining his actions and
his intentions after the fact and what that required from his disciples was
just this crazy amount of trust I’m trying I’m really trying whatever you do just pray
for me do em all do them all let’s back up and see why he’s feeling so feisty
today sometime later verse 1 John chapter 5 Jesus went up to Jerusalem for
a feast of the Jews now there’s in Jerusalem near the Sheep gate a pool
which in Aramaic is called Bethesda means house of mercy and is surrounded
by five covered colonnades or porches here a great number of disabled people
used to lie the blind the lame and the paralyzed it’s important to note before
I go on that this is a specific dwelling place for people with physical
infirmities and the reason I point that out is because I’m gonna make some
spiritual parallels to the physical infirmities that are mentioned in this
passage but I don’t want us to miss the historicity for the sake of application
I think that would be irresponsible Bible teaching the people who were at
this particular Hospital if we can even call it that it was more like a public
service this pool was not a resort pool nobody is bringing you little umbrellas
in your drink at this pool this is a crowded pool and there’s pushing and shoving
and word has it that if you can get in the pool when the angel stirs the water
intermittently you can get healed and this puts certain people who have
certain disabilities at an advantage over others for instance it said there
were the blind the lame and the paralyzed and so if you’re a blind man
by this pool you can probably feel your way to the edge of the pool so that when
there’s an opportunity to get in and be healed you’ll be the first one there but
if you’re paralyzed it puts you at a disadvantage because even if you get
yourself to the edge of the pool there’s a chance that someone else can pull you
back you are powerless and that’s an interesting thing about life I was out
at the ball field last baseball season and I saw this really good dad with a
fanny pack he didn’t look happy he didn’t look like
you know these are the days making memories
he didn’t look selfie ready but you know what I liked about him he was carting this
wagon he looked like he had some snacks for his kids or maybe he was on snack
duty that day and I just admired him because he was trying I watched him pull
that wagon up the hill I thought about it how he was trying he was sweating all
through his shirt you could tell he came straight from
work it wasn’t a baseball shirt he must have had the wagon that he packed the
night before because he didn’t have time to change the shirt but he just came out
there the shirt was untucked on one side looked like he spilled a little
something on the collar and he was sweating through it but he was trying
and I’ve always loved the scripture that says that Jesus looked at one man and he
loved him I thought about that a lot lately how Jesus would show up to a
place and look for somebody who was at a disadvantage I kind of imagine him
walking around the pool at Bethesda and I’m sure his disciples were shocked that
he would waste time with a bunch of people who they would call crippled
that’s not a PC term but that’s how they would have put it sickness was connected
to spiritual disorder in this time Judaism in the first century made a
strong connection between your spiritual condition and your physical condition so
like if you had money that was a proof that you were living right it’s how they
thought about it we know that’s not always the case we know a lot of times
some of the greatest people who are the most faithful to God
they might not live in a big house on earth but we’ll probably be cleaning
their toilets in heaven for the treasure that they’re storing up after this life
and yet there’s this tendency to just judge things by the physical always for
all of us so I kind of picture Jesus walking around and asking
questions one interesting thing that’s in the text let me show you this real
quick it’s too cool for me just to reference I want to make sure it’s very
vivid yeah it said one who was there verse
five had been an invalid for thirty-eight years and when Jesus saw
him lying there and learned now what stood out to me about that text wasn’t
that Jesus saw him what what stood out to me about this text wasn’t that the
man had issues we all have issues and frankly we all have areas of paralysis
and I’m gonna talk about yours in seven minutes so buckle in and get that
judgmental look off your face because I’m coming for you on this particular
occasion what stood out to me is Jesus learned I didn’t think he could do that
because he’s the image of God he’s the wisdom of God how can the wisdom of God
learn information I figured that he must have been walking around asking how
about her how long has she been here somebody said well she just got here
last week Jesus said nah not her how about him how long has he been like that that
blind eye right there yeah it’s recent it’s recent it’s been
it’s been two months I think two months two months Jimmy two months yeah two
months two months and three days yeah two months and three days no no no not
him how about that one three years we’ll see put him on standby because he’s
looking for somebody to heal he’s looking for somebody who can
experience a miracle he’s looking for a platform to demonstrate his power how
about him five years eh how about her seven how about that guy how long has he
been like that nine years getting closer how about him and finally somebody
figures out what he’s doing well if you want somebody who’s been
here a while I see what you’re doing 38 years long enough that he has given
up hope that anything can ever be different and Jesus learned that there
was one imma try so hard not to cry when I say this to you but verse 5 says
one who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years what does it mean
that Jesus who only had three years to do ministry and was on his way to a
feast would come by for one does it mean could it mean that out of everybody that
I’m preaching to today out of everybody that made a decision to show up at a
campus that God might want the one in the back who got here twelve minutes
late pulling a wagon just trying to get through the week could it be that God is
looking for the one who had the worst week the worst upbringing the one that
other people said could never be anything the one who has gotten so used
to how it is this is really what happens in life you get so used to how it is
that you cannot recognize that how it used to be is no longer what’s in front
of you all right so let’s work on this a little bit
bring him here Jesus says now when you get to heaven you’ll probably be shocked
who’s there and who’s not how many agree there’s gonna be some people in heaven
that are gonna shock us like woah she made it
that must have been like a thief on the cross deathbed kind of she got in right
under the wire whoa they made it I thought they believed
weird stuff they were new agey and they made it I think we’re gonna be surprised
who’s there and who’s not cuz I think we’re always surprised who God picks and
who he uses and who he doesn’t one was there who had been lying there for so
long that you can even tell in his response and the questions Jesus asked
him that that he had he had gotten tired of trying my message today is for
anybody who’s tired of trying in an area of your life tired of trying to repair a
significant relationship tired of trying to be open so that you can experience
relationships tired of trying to overcome the thing that you keep going
back to and it’s been since you were even in your teens and now you’re a
grown man I edited it for YouTube and now I’m
tired of trying because there was a time where I tried to get people to help me
to get into the pool but now I found out that there’s no one to help me
now what’s mind-blowing about the situation at the pool at Bethesda is how
many different ways I have heard this preached that completely contradict the
heart of God for instance when Jesus comes up to the
man and learned that he had been lying there and he had been in this condition
for a long time pause how many of y’all have been in a certain condition for a
long time Jesus I need help there’s three honest
people in the church and I forgot I was coming out to speak
to the perfect Saints the 10 out of 10 A+ Saints I forgot I was talking to
the all-stars today I thought I was coming to Elevation where they’re not afraid
to be real in your name amen how many of y’all have had certain
patterns of thinking that have been negative for a long time I mean a long
time I don’t know how old the man was but 38 years trust me I’m 39 is a long
time this is the entire span of my natural life and for so long he’s been
unable to move that now he cannot recognize the help that is standing
right in front of him and Jesus asks a question that I have often heard
misinterpreted when he says do you want to get well tone is everything that’s
why you can’t text every conversation because tone is everything sometimes you
need to pick up the phone and call people because completely depending on
the tone is how you see the heart of Jesus I always read it for a long time
like Jesus said do you want to get well I almost see him now like he’s got
something in his back pocket and he’s sneaking around the pool looking for
somebody they say God helps those who help themselves but I almost see Jesus
looking for somebody who can’t and he’s like I see you caught in the situation
you want to get well and the man has every reason to be suspicious can you
imagine how many people have taken advantage of him in almost 40 years of
suffering how many hustlers have come through the
pool at Bethesda trying to sell a magic potion or some bubbling water hey I got
some cream man put it on your legs I promise it’s blessed hey man I promise you
I’ll bring you to the pool I’ll push you in when the water starts bubbling just
give me half now and half after the move I promise you I can carry you in I got
you how many times did somebody make him a
promise because it seems cruel that Christ the
expression of the love of God would stand over a man who couldn’t move and
ask him such a ridiculous question do you want to lose weight well yeah do you
do you want to be happy well yeah do you want to be able to live
at peace without anxiety well yeah what you selling I heard this spiel before I
tried that diet how many of y’all tried that diet before I put a meditation app
on my phone y’all to be honest with you I got four meditation apps on my phone I
tried all of them I either fall asleep or my leg starts doing like that I can’t
do it everybody tells me to meditate the Bible says meditate Russell Brand
says meditate Joe Rogan says meditate everybody’s telling me to meditate I
tried it I really did try it they also taught me about portion control
I tried portion control how many of y’all somebody told me one time they said
here’s how you here’s how you stay at an ideal weight when you’re full stop
eating my only problem I never found full that gage got broken somewhere in
my childhood I never felt full so I kept eating I tried that oh they say if you
don’t complain you will feel more connected to God I tried it but I found
out sometimes if you don’t complain nothing changes
I tried so hard not to complain one time I was gonna go seven days without
complaining and I thought if I could do it I can make a sermon out of it I
thought I could call it you know seven days a week of worship or something like
that I tried so hard not to complain for seven days what happened was
and this is so embarrassing to admit to you the more I tried not to complain
externally because sometimes you can fix the symptom now I’m in the text you can
fix the symptom and stop trying to complain but the root of it what
happened to me was I went five good days without complaining but on day six the
walls of Jericho came tumbling down a day early everything in my path was oh
it was a tornado it was a downpour because when you fix the symptom but
don’t address the system that created the symptom the end is worse than the
beginning you want to get well well yeah I’m trying when you get to heaven you’d
be surprised who’s there and who’s not but one thing you might really be
shocked about this dude whoever he is in John 5 is gonna have a long line of
preachers waiting to apologize to him for how we misinterpreted his story in
John chapter 5 oh I’ve heard everything I’ve heard it said that in 38 years the
man should have been able to crawl or roll his way to the edge of the pool
yeah like that will work cuz now somebody stronger than you is just gonna
pull you back at the moment you’re still powerless to fall in at the right time
and besides when has Jesus ever taunted someone into transformation
you really think that’s the spirit of the Savior some of us do we really
picture God like standing over us in our minds our concept of God like you don’t
want it bad enough if you would have done it different when they were 8
they wouldn’t have been in so much trouble when they were 18
see you screwed them up that’s what God sounds like to a lot of us so it’s no
surprise that when we hear Jesus say do you want to get well he says it with a
snarl you know do you even want to get well do you even lift are you even serious
I mean prove it if you do if you want to get well say I want to get well so why
did he ask him why did he ask the man do you want to get well before he helped
him get up and walk and as I prayed through that this week I realized that
before Jesus could help him walk he had to help him want I don’t know who this is for but God is
dealing with your desires in this season of your life you have been disappointed
over and over and over again and every time you try nobody notices and every
time you try you come up short sickness is cyclical it comes around it
goes around you’re well for a little while and then it’s the same thing all over
again but this time it’s only worse because now not only are you back where
you started but you have less hope that it is ever going to be different because
you’ve cycled through it one more time just to realize well I guess I’m just a
cynical person well I guess I’m just a negative person I guess nobody in my
family was meant to go to college I guess see when you hang around the
colonnades with people who are sick sickness becomes normal to you and it
starts to be easier for you to just accept the condition than to challenge
it because to challenge the condition means to risk disappointment and some of
us have tried got blocked tried got blocked tried got blocked and now people
see you and they assume that you don’t care no I care
I cared and I cared so much but they didn’t care back and I tried so hard and
I still got looked over and don’t you know it’s hard when your expectation has
been damaged by disappointment it’s it’s a slow damage it’s a slow tearing of the
muscle fibers it’s a slow deterioration of your hope by disappointment
it is not one event that creates it it’s over and over I tried and I tried and I
smiled and I stayed and I cooked and I parented and I disciplined and I showed
up and I didn’t care and the man has finally gotten to a place I believe
where he is tired of trying are you it’s supposed to be the Sabbath it’s supposed
to be a day of rest why did Jesus stop by the pool on the
day of rest to perform a miracle you’re not supposed to work on the Sabbath this
may offend you but it won’t be the first time if this offends you your metal
detector is turned up to level 10 anyway and you need to just turn it down
y’all notice we live in a gotcha culture an outrage culture just nobody
can say anything you can’t say anything anymore and the more that people try to
help us the more we crucify them if they say the wrong thing have you noticed that
this is how they treat Jesus he heals the man on the Sabbath and all that
anyone can talk about is that he did it on the wrong day so this is what I want to
say that’s gonna offend you you thought that was what was gonna offend
you no no no no Jesus walks up on the Sabbath and and when he tells the man in
verse 8 get up pick up your mat and walk he is he is trying to get the man
to break Sabbath so Jesus walks up to the pool looks
around and asks the man what’s going on in your heart right now because
before I can help you walk I have to heal your will so here’s what Jesus does
that we don’t like he calls BS he calls watch this he calls
BS and I don’t know what you’re thinking about right now but I’m talking about
broken system see now there’s one thing in the verse there’s one thing in the
verse that doesn’t make sense unless you understand the historical context when
the man says I keep trying I keep trying to get down there but I can never be
first I’m not fast enough in fact I can’t move at all I keep trying but
every time I try something blocks me and Jesus says that’s because the system is
broken if you’ll notice give me verse 4 of the scripture I forgot to read it John 5:4 Jared it’s been a long week you
know Staff Advance Jared where’s Jared can you get it him yeah I need
him verse 4 unlocks the whole thing we can wait
this man waited 38 years we can wait three minutes it’s not in the manuscript
oh they they added that verse later yeah it’s not even in the original manuscript
they they added a scripture later they added a verse to explain the situation
it didn’t make sense so they had to you can go back to your job now they had but
come here real quick real quick real quick real quick so a lot of times when
a situation in my life doesn’t make sense to me I add a verse I add a verse
you know how we do it’s like okay rather than deal with it
I would rather explain it in a way that excuses me from having to deal with it
there’s a reason verse 4 isn’t in there because it’s not in there there’s some
stuff that you’re putting in your story that doesn’t belong there cause God
didn’t speak it and it’s not true anymore you can go back see what the man said
reflects a broken system and it reflects a bad story
that’s another BS the devil has got some of us telling ourselves some really bad
stories and this man has been telling himself a story 38 years no one wants to
help me everybody’s out to get me every time I try no one wants to help me
everybody’s out to get me every time I try so here comes Jesus he doesn’t know
Jesus he’s never met Jesus Jesus is new to the scene Jesus hasn’t even done the
captain dees miracle yet that’s in John chapter 6 he hasn’t even gotten familiar
with this guy yet he hasn’t even had an opportunity to unpack the whole
historicity of his situation so he’s standing in front of Jesus and he’s
rightfully skeptical because he’s in a broken system where the religious
leaders are trying to let the first ones in and keep the rest back and unless you
keep the law this good you can’t be healed of course he’s stuck he’s stuck
in a broken system so are some of us he’s stuck in a bad story and so are
some of us we’ve inserted verses that aren’t even there to explain why we are
the way we are we think it’s our job to suffer you know suffering for Christ and
for the good of others is one thing in sacrifices but to suffer the shame that
he already took away from you is to snatch back what he nailed to the cross
it is not your job to suffer like that that’s a broken system I’m telling you
men and women of the Most High God religion is a broken system
that’s why Jesus went for one to show you this is a relationship I want to
deal with you one-on-one I want to speak to you like a person not like you’re
some kind of project not like you’re some kind of defect
I don’t have anybody to help me trust me I’m trying I’m really trying if you knew how
hard I was trying you wouldn’t make fun of me like that
and ask me do I want to get well I don’t have any help and see that was true five
minutes ago but the situation has changed what he said used to be true it
was true for a long time and then grace shows up at the Pool of Bethesda five
porches five is the number of grace always symbolism there’s levels to this
text we could preach a series on this text now grace is here in what used to
be true isn’t true anymore are you still stuck in something that used to be true
but it isn’t true anymore I bet he would be tired 38 years of
fighting off the vultures and 38 years of looking out for yourself and you kind of
have to live that way until grace becomes the dominant reality in your
life and then Jesus comes into your life and everything changes but sometimes we
keep living off of the the old story the bad story no one will help me and Jesus is
like I’m someone now the question is this how did Jesus
command the man to get up if the man couldn’t walk in the first place a careful reading of the text will reward
us in this moment one interpretation is that his healing was his reward for
obedience that’s religion it’s a bad story because the fact of the matter is
if trying harder could have made me better I’d be better by now I tried that
diet I tried that I wasn’t gonna do this and I wasn’t gonna do that and I wasn’t
gonna do the other you’ve tried that already and if it could work it would
have worked by now so the man said I’m trying
and Jesus said trust me get up take up your mat and walk
I’m trying Jesus said trust me I’m trying trust me that’s the real task is
to trust that’s always been the real work John
chapter 5 isn’t a text about being lazy come on get up
make up your bed get on the treadmill go get em tiger
this is your day this is not a pep talk this is a complete reversal of the
systems of this world it is a contrast of works and grace that’s why it had to
happen on the Sabbath the moment that he picked up his mat he was doing work and
the moment that he was doing work it made everybody who was in power mad
because he wasn’t supposed to do work the whole reason that Jesus showed up
for one person was that he wanted to overturn an entire system there is one
situation in your life right now that God is trying to use and by addressing
this situation I promise you it’s gonna change the whole system because up until
this point you’ve been trying trying I’m trying to love God I’m trying to pray
more I’m trying to read my Bible I’m trying to eat my broccoli I’m trying to
be a nice person I’m trying to be kinder I’m trying to do better and God said I
see you trying will you trust me will you trust me enough to get up when you
feel like you can’t get up to praise me when you don’t feel like you want to
praise me do you trust me enough I know you’ve been trying but do you trust me
this is a trust moment this is a trust decision sometimes my trying gets in the way of
my trusting and this man got up because he had been healed and you keep thinking
that you will be healed if you can get up but you can’t and you’re trying and
you’re trying and here’s what’s so funny about the text to me the man said I’m
trying and Jesus said so am I I’m trying to help you I knew
you couldn’t reach that water I knew you grew up in a really really hard
environment and there was some abuse and I know you’re trying to be a better man
than your dad was or I know that you’re trying to be a better mom than your mom
was or I know you’re trying to figure things out when the complexities are
greater than anything you’ve ever seen I see you trying and I’m trying since
you can’t get to the water I brought water to you and what it does when you
get up and you do what you didn’t think you could do it shocks the system God
said some of you who have been lying in your condition for 38 years
I brought you to church today not so you could just sing a few songs or hear a
few words but I want to shock the system I want to stir up the waters I want to
heal watch this your will you’ve lost your will you’ve lost your will to be
sweet you’ve lost your will to be forgiving you’ve lost your will to be
whole you don’t even want that anymore because you tried to want it and it
hurts to have hope especially when you’re disappointed especially when
something gets in your way especially when you keep bumping up against your
own brokenness especially when it’s rigged against you and I want to help
you walk but first I need to help you want and to
want the right things again for the right reasons to heal your desires by
the pool of Bethesda here comes walking living water that’s what he told the
Samaritan in John 4 he said within you will be rivers of living water so I
know you can’t get to the water let the water come to you you will not receive
certain things in your life from trying but only by trusting Dan we were at a pool seven or eight
years ago and Elijah wanted to swim and we went down there it was a hotel pool and
it had that hotel pool smell but we went in anyway we just he was I guess at
that point seven years old so I had to get some energy out so we got in the pool
soon as we got in the doors busted open the hotel manager said hey sir I advise
you to get out of that pool I said why it’s like the middle of the
day I’m like stupid hotel rules you know I’m not one to really like stupid rules
I’m like it’s the middle of the day there’s nobody here I am a registered
guest and by the time I’m in the middle of my imaginary speech
I’m usually nice externally it’s just what happens on the inside that makes me
go to hell but I said about the time I was about to say what I was about to say
he said we just shocked it I said well next time we’ll give you notice before
you come I don’t want to shock your pool he said no he said sometimes the water
you know once a week or something has to have a treatment we call it shocking the
pool because when the chlorine combines with the I really don’t want to tell you
all this that’s in this pool this is a hotel pool sir bacteria sweat other
fluids pool fluids hotel pool fluids so once a
week we got to shock it once a week I come to church because sometimes my
heart gets mixed up with some substances some contaminants some disappointments
sometimes this world pollutes me so when I come to church please understand I’m
coming to treat my disappointments because I need living water and I don’t
want to die by the pool so I came to church and I don’t know if you came to
church for this reason I don’t really know why you came
but tell somebody shock the waters Jesus said I came down to the pool at
Bethesda not just to look around and go home and pray a nice prayer but I came
to this pool this house of mercy to shock the waters and it just might be
that God brought you here this week because you’ve been in a state of
disappointment but God said I’m about to shock the waters I’m about to stir it up
you don’t have to wait for an angel you don’t have to wait for somebody to get
out of your way you don’t have to wait for a situational improvement and we
beheld his glory the fullness of the Father full of
grace and truth living water is in the house trust me I’m trying to bless you I hear
the voice of the Lord trust me I’m trying to help you raise those kids
trust me I’m trying you say well well God doesn’t try to do anything he either
does or he doesn’t then why did Jesus go to Nazareth and it says he couldn’t do
many miracles there he tried to but they tripped I believe there are many for
whom this message is just another Bible message I believe there are some and
maybe even few that this is a definitive word for your life you have been like
that man you have been paralyzed in an area of your life for a long time and
you’ve been trying but you’ve been bitter for eight years over what the
business partner did and you keep trying this is not about trying this is about
trust you’ve been going back and forth and
back and forth and back and forth for so long and today God is saying let the
water come to you father we declare this our Sabbath where we rest from our labor
and enter into your grace with everyone standing and no one moving at every
location if this has been a season for you of frustration a season of you going
to the pool over and over and you’ve been blocked so many times now that
quite honestly you don’t need just God to heal your legs or to heal your bank
account or to just heal that that one compulsive area in your life but you
need Jesus to do what he did for that unnamed man in John chapter five and
heal your will and help you to want him again
the place to start is not pretending the man was healed partially because he was
honest I keep trying every time I try something
someone but there’s a greater someone there is a greater power than anything
that you are struggling with that’s pulling against you this takes faith to
trust him to really believe that he made you like he wants to make you as short
as he wanted to make you you grew up in a small or as big of a town as he wanted
you to grow up in it takes trust and all your life God has been trying to
position you all your life God has been bringing things into alignment so that
you can serve his purpose and now he’s saying trust me if this has been your
word today and there is an area of paralysis in your life I want you with
your head bowed your eyes closed and not looking around you know this man could
have spent the rest of his life 38 more years talking about somebody else
somebody else everybody else somebody else and sometimes that’s what keeps us
from getting what we need from God is somebody else what will somebody else
think but when you come to the point where you’ve been trying long enough and
you really just want to surrender to the mystery and give God everything that you
are and everything that you’re not you don’t mind lifting up your hands so if
this is your word just lift up your hands for living water in this moment
and shock the waters shock the waters worship shocks the waters worship stirs
up the complacent heart worship realigns your affections and reconfigures your
desires so that what you want is what God wants for you
shock the waters today you’ve gotten stagnant you’ve gotten complacent you
started blaming everybody and everything and this is not a time to try harder
it’s a time to trust more to yield and to say yes I’ll get up if you’ll
help me I’m trying trust me I’m trying I’m
trying to trust God but I can’t see him I’m trying to trust God but sometimes he
feels far away why won’t he speak to me why won’t he help me he says I’m trying
I’m trying to show you my presence I’m trying to put people around you I’m
trying to help you I’m here you just aren’t used to it you’re used to doing it alone
so you keep doing it alone you keep telling yourself this story you keep
living in this system but trust me Thank You for watching the Elevation Church YouTube channel but don’t stop here join
the eFam our online extended family and join us live every Sunday subscribe to
this channel so you don’t miss a single video or livestream and share this with
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to help us continue to reach people around the world for Jesus Christ thank
you again for watching God bless you

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  1. Jesus no body bothered to ask you how you felt or feeled or was upset or mad or happy of what you went threw you just didn't died for our sins you died to safe our hearts you died to safe us form us and died to forgive but we all decieved you and decieving you over and over again are you sad are you upset what's wrong with everyone would y'all done the same to die in the cross for Jesus to spare y'all life's to safe everyone from the evil underground what if that was y'all family or mothers and fathers daughter's y'all would care but what about Jesus would y'all done the same in that cross for him?I would and not Satan you for got to love yourself and you want piwer and fame what about the people you hurt what if that was your son Satan would you have cared then we'll you would have come threw me to get to Jesus and Jesus is amazing father how I love him 🙏 amen

  2. It's still THAT WAY in Middle East and Asia. Some one's physical status reflects spiritual health and your relationship with God.

  3. What an incredible teaching, it was as if I was in the service and pastor Steven was preaching to me. Every situation am going through I have to watch Pastor Steven's sermons to make feel relieved. I can even watch this message over and over again. May God continually bless you and the family. Keep the Fire burning.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏

  4. Jeez this hit hard honestly but it makes so much since now…i stopped trying years ago and its hard to get the want to stop and trust god specially what ive beeb threw at such a younge age and i use to give up i mean i still do but with God pushing me to get up and trust him means alot

  5. Im a hard believer of jesus but i dont like it when christians judge other religions or like pastor steven said about * New agy* . Jesus himself said that someone could do what he did how do you think that would be possible if not by understanding how to bend law of the universe . We are all connected , all the religions are preaching the same stuff trough different prophets . This judging of differences is whats causing all this war and suffering. Jesus didnt preach any religion he was just speaking the truth , so is new age stuff sometimes , budhism , hinduism and physicians. We are all in the same boat and we can all manifest if we can be just a little bit like jesus well see little bits of miracles .

  6. Powerful messages with hilarious comic relief! Also, just gotta say he does NOT look 39 to me… I was thinking late 20's. Great wisdom from God put in a modern style of preaching. Even had to crack open my Bible (CAUGHT: I usually just cheat and read it off the screen) to understand what they were talking about with John 5:4 but I was cracking up "Jared…" "We can wait, he waited 38 years we can wait 3 more min) lol 😂 love this guy!!!

  7. Thank you Pastor Steven. I am believing for my miracle. You speak truth and my heart hungers to live by faith and not sight.

  8. For two weeks, I have told God every time we have talked that I am trying. I would say, "Lord, today I am miserable but I am trying." or even "God, that man at my job is a bully but I am trying."
    And then this wonderful message comes out. I hear You Lord. More Trust and less, way less Try!

  9. Idk why people feel as if because ur on ur feet ur more blessed than someone whose bound as if ur better. On my feet or on my behind I'm still breathing. It's so offensive when people think I'm not supposed 2b content with my situation. U may be walkin but ur no better. Whose 2 say bec A use ur walkin u can do or Bbn e more??? U cant say oh ur in a chair so it's impossible. ITS A CHAIRRR!!! I've raised other peoples kids. I do daily routine duties on my own since I was 7yrs. old. Ijs, people on their feet cant even come close 2 half of what I've done on my own🙄🤔😒

  10. My whole life has been surviving extreme awful events that I’ll not go into – today through you I heard God speak to ME! Thank you! From UK

  11. Watching from Bombay, India and marking the date – 26th August, 2019. As the date I have stepped up and stepped out, stopped trying and let Jesus Do

  12. Hello guys I'm feeling like trying but I'm really on a struggle pray for me both mentally and financially God bless you

  13. Well sorry to bust your trying but there is no pool in John 4. It well and a woman. People at his sermon. must not have Bibles. So you are trying to get rich. God say you need a Jet too. Right.

  14. MY HUSBANDS BEEN LAID IFF FOR 17 MTHS. WE HAVE A 7 YR OLD SON AT HOME. I CANNOT WORK UNTIL I RESOLVE SOME LEGAL ISSUES. WHICH I CAN'T DO WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY AND I CAN'T DO THAT WITHOUT MONEY. WE ARE ABOUT TO LOSE EVERYTHING. neither of us have family to turn to for help. That's no where too go if we do lose or home!!! THIS DELIMMA IS EXACTLY HOW IAQUIRED MY LEGAL TROUBLES TO BEGIN WITH. NOW I'M FACED WITH THE SAME CHOICES. In my heart i want to trust in God. But my physical being says to get or get got, eat or be eaten. Provide for your child HOWEVER YOU HAVE TO BY WHATEVER MEANS NECCESARY. So now what??

    Sometimes I really struggle with knowing when I'm to stop and let him start. I mean he helps those who helps themselves. And he doesn't like lazy. And we are to use the gift we are giving (our brain for solving problems and body for working). To not use our abilities is a sin, right? And we are not suppose to ask for things for ourselves, cause that is selfish. Not are we to all for handouts. That being said it is such a fine line for me to know when to turn it over to God. Not to mention you want me to trust in something that's not here (tangibly) and to be certain in what I dont know for a fact. I mean when I can't pay my mortgage I can't tell the bank trust me. Or better yet tell them God said it will be provided by the first of the month. Even when I trust other intities I am forced to deal with as a part of life will not accept these answers. So at that point I usually have to say" look God, I know you got me but I can't wait, they want their money tomorrow". Or sometimes I feel like others have problems so much greater then mine so I need to deal with this myself. And when it comes to providing for my family im going to deal with these issues by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. Those the words right there usually lead me to prayers like please forgive me for what I have to do next. And i pray that even if no one else understands that God knows my heart and he knows in a perfect world I would decide differently. Cause at times it is as if im faced with the choices of bad or worse. Like im betting curved ti son almost. It doesn't seem like I ever get to decide between right or wrong, or good or bad. There's never any clear path where no one gets hurt or everyone wins. So im not sure what to do in these times. Plus And in this script im so used to doing it on my own. And I've learned of i do it and its wrong I have no one to blame but me so there's no one else to get mad at. Alleviating confrontations or animosity towards others or in such cases my animosity with God. Cause I'm our relationship isn't string enough to withstand too many battles. Not strong on my part, agreed. Non the less. MaybeI've gone of on a ramble but how do youth know when it is time to ask for help and not just you being lazy. Or what do you tell those bill collectors when your put off endersout of solutions and just can't find a job.

  15. I watched this sermon again today …and every words speaks in every areas of my life…and I just can’t help but cry… Thank you pastor Steven!! Your anointing is reaching us and u are a living instrument of God to the broken people like me who is TRYING so hard.. Glory to God for this message and God bless you more elevation church!!

  16. I know it was said that Jesus wore the finest of Linens but Mr furtick is wearing $190 t-shirt. I feel conflicted about this

  17. I just quit my job I just dropped out of college all cause I’m not happy. I’m trying to find happiness in my life

  18. Reminded of God’s faithfulness, love and why I fell in love with Him- He sees me, He knows me… He WANTS to help me. Cried & cried with a full heart❤️ Thank you fo sharing

  19. Thank you 🙏🏻 Lord for your word. I am trying and I will continue to trust you. For I know there is nothing to hard for my God.

  20. please pray for me, i am struggling so hard with my Christian walk and my connection with God.. I'm really trying

  21. Hi thank you pastor so much for such an awesome message i pray that God continues to speak through you and bless elevation church and your family. Watching all the way from Singapore😁😁😁

  22. Oh my goodness u have no idea how this message has spoken to me. This will be something I keep looking back on as I go through my journey. Thank u so much keep all the amazing encouragement and a way to look at the bible I never have looked at it before

  23. How about.."Stop trying in your own power" give it ALL to God . The Holy Spirit is our strength and Wisdom. Prayer , not meditation..but meditate on The Word of God! Read His Word for yourself.

  24. They added John 5:4 in later?? Did I hear this clown correct? False teaching!! Wow unbelievable. ..please Read your Bibles..that's it for me!

  25. "you're so used to doing things alone, you keep telling yourself the same story" was meant for me. God spoke to me so much at the end. i love this

  26. Wow..Thank you God for speaking to me through this wonderful sermon..God is never deaf to our cries.. thank you Pastor, this message hit my heart🙏🏽 God has truly blessed you with his wisdom👏🏽✝️

  27. This is the first time I cried during a sermon . This one really hit deep. God is so beautiful the way he communicates with us.

  28. I see a lot of comments on this video talking about anxiety and depression. I see a lot of people saying “my depression “ or my “anxiety”. Is it yours ? Do you own it? No depression anxiety and any mother illness you may have is not yours . It’s the enemy’s work. It’s not yours the enemy wants you to claim it so you can feel bad about yourself , but it’s not yours . Don’t claim your anxiety, don’t claim your depression. Pray to God I will pray for you guys as well .

  29. I have struggled with depression for over 20 years. I believe God has a purpose for my life (as for everyone's), but sometimes my vision gets clouded. So a long time ago, I decided to simply pray "Thy will be done." My will was so broken. I was so stuck and paralyzed by fear. People would ask me "what do you want?" and I wouldn't have an answer. A little while later an answer came to my heart "I want to want." I just wanted to feel enough to feel the power of will, to get to a place where desire and action can meet so I could begin the task of trying to align my will with His. After years of "wanting to want," I finally feel a little spark of desire again. "Do you want to get well?" is a question I have an answer for! Yes! I can feel myself moving past the paralysis, and I know if God has prepared a good work in me, I want badly enough to trust Him.

  30. I appreciate your sermons and I've learned a lot ever since I've started watching your sermons.
    I have a question. In the translation that you used for John 5:6 which I think is NIV and it says "jesus learned", it made me curious to look for the reason that it says God learned however God knows everything. I found out that In KJV it's "jesus knew".

    When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?

    John 5:6 KJV

    It must be a mistake in translation or may be "learned" has a biblical meaning here.

  31. I didn't hear about God being Sovereign over all things and whatever HE wills for someone's life is what will be. Even illness . God causes all things to work for good to those who LOVE HIM and are called to HIS purpose. Remember He knows what is best for His children , so of some kind of suffering brings us to a higher place in Him for a time, then so be it.

  32. {i came across on this video today, this was word of knowledge for me, thank you pastor #steven #furtick!! ♥️🎼 #MusicToMyHears}

  33. I feel like there are times where when I do give something my best effort and it seems like it never works out for me. There are even times where I want to give up on everything, but looking back I realized how God has kept me in His arms all these years, even when I didn't see, feel, or understand the situation. I just wanna thank God for being their for me when even the most loyal friends and family couldn't.🙏🏽

  34. 6 years ago, not long after I gave my life to Jesus, I tried so hard to live a better life. 6 years ago, I never understood why every time I opened God’s Word, God led my eyes to verses about faith and “O you of little faith” … I prayed thousands of prayers. I tried. I tried. I tired. I almost died, my marriage almost ended, career going nowhere. And today, 6 years later. I got the message. I repented of not trusting God. I finally decide to trust God, to pick up my mat, and walk with Jesus. Hallelujah! I feel so free now. God did shock the waters! Thank you God for Pastor Furtick for this incredible life changing message. Pray that I live a true authentic life for God. Bless Our God! Thank you Jesus Our Lord and Savior!

  35. I am a family advocate. I don't get paid for what I do, but it is the hardest job I've ever had!! sometimes I get so wrecked from trying so hard. I feel like such a failure at times. At times I feel like a "fake". If you were to put what I do on paper most of the cases I have worked the family has been reunited. This should make me feel good but the end result is not that way for some reason. I have been struggling here lately because the system is failing!! I keep getting knocked down. I Wade through some of the toughest situations in life, I'm not immune to the pain. Today a father ended his fight, permanently. He was just a Facebook friend and I had not helped on his case, that I am aware of, but as I read his suicide note I couldn't help but feel his pain. And through my tears I couldn't help questioning again, is this all worth it? The sacrifices my family makes, the pain I go through. Should I leave the pool side just give up trying? Maybe I'm not worthy, is my pride just making me think I make a difference.

    I came across the shorter version of this video and decided to watch this one I'm glad I did. The Heavenly Father helped to remind me it's not about me!! Trust in Him!! while I was watching this I paused it momentarily to look something up in the Bible. as I did there was some talk show on TV and the woman said "You were born Worthy" and went on to explain pretty much because we were born proves that we have a purpose here and are worthy. He speaks to me sometimes I just have a hard time listening.

    thank you

  36. Oh God pls locate m. I have been disappointed in a relationship for moredan 3* .God i m trying pls locate m. You are the God of impossibilities. Locate m

  37. This is unlike any sermon I’ve heard preached anywhere. REAL. Thank you, pastor. Still believing something that isn’t true anymore…moving into Truth

  38. I’m tired of trying to be a nicer person. I keep trying and trying and I broke today. My own brother for the past week has said that I was nice for a little bit but now I’m mean. Then all these comments about people saying I was mean came rushing and I had to run out of the house and sit in the dark on a bench just to calm down. I just want people to know that I am trying. Especially being a Freshman in high school life is so different. I just feel like I keep failing so what’s the point of even trying. This message hit at home.

  39. Can some one please pray for me I wanted to get in to university and I am struggling with my work . I wanted so badly to get in now I feel like I am stuck. Please pray for me .If u have anything just leave it on the comments I will to pray for u .

  40. " I’m gonna try to ignore this fly buzzing around my head “

    Me – " that fly wanted to hear the Word of GOD “ 😂😂😂

  41. Please Pray for my health. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I keep feeling lethargic, tired, achey, sick, with stomach aches ( sometimes ). I have days where I feel fine, but then I feel odd again.

    Also, please Pray for my Mum. One of my best friends’ Mum said something about my Mum, which has made my Mum hate my best friend’s mum. She won’t forgive.

  42. Bar none this is one of the best messages ever done pastor Steven. I have been living in an abuse tunnel that's trapped me for 49 years. This message made me cry and understand there is so much more than trying!!! I now know Jesus has been trying to! Thank you so much for this. I passed this and another message you did over and over and went to another. I now know why that happened, because it was meant for me today❣️❣️❣️❣️

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