US missionary John Allen Chau killed with arrows by remote Indian Ocean tribe

US missionary John Allen Chau killed with arrows by remote Indian Ocean tribe

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  1. If his "mission" was legitimate he'd have been fine. It was his religious arrogance that got him killed. "It was a foolish action on his part"

  2. The reason they killed him and are hostile to outsiders is because anthropologists suddenly stopped bringing the Sentinelese gifts such as coconuts, and they became infuriated by this and now see the outside world as colonizers who are there to attack them just as the British did back in the 1800s.

  3. John allen chau an American missionary had been died in 2018 sentinal island . The world pray of this memory

  4. Some dumb yank with a permanent, moronic smile on his face thinks he knows whats best. What else is new?

  5. Restricted Area then why do such act?they have learned from Einstein people nowadays are dumb cause of technology and fame

  6. I am Indian and I know about these tribes they are very dangerous I also go there but cost guards force by stopped me

  7. US Citizen attacked and killed. B2 bomber does a fly over… Inadvertently drops 12x B83 variable yeild. New skating rink.

  8. please dont bring any religion to that tribe. they are precious and their culture should be preserved. religion will just ruib their culture and no one wants that

  9. Hasn't religion done enough terrible things to people? Leave them in peace. For that matter, stop pushing your judgments upon us all and leave us all in peace!

  10. This is the way living life supposed to be. Sustainable living within their own environment without depletion and destruction of nature because humankind is depending on nature. The rest of the world is raping Mother Nature. Let them live life as they want and stop interfering with them.

    Your worldview is destructive for nature, oceans polluted by plastics by radioactive issues due Fukushima, coral reefs degrading, Amazon’s in danger, flora and fauna worldwide in danger, pollution of rivers by people and industries, climate changes due to human “evolution”.
    Stop interfering with them, we don’t have a superior worldview so let them be…

  11. It's foolish to go there. They must be protected as a hunter gatherer tribe.
    Interference already wrecked Africa and largely destroyed the hunter gatherer culture there. These groups must be preserved and protected from modern civilization.
    Your germs could kill them but who knows, they could have diseases that could kill off millions in our civilization. We don't know. Stay away from them.

  12. What’s with the sad themed background music? Use a better one, Fucking idiot got what he deserved

  13. Well he wanted to see the island and mess with those people so now he gets to die there and stay with them.

  14. Trying to teach Christianity to the tribes are you fucking mad they are happy living on their island don't bring the shitty relegion and God's to them

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