Uses Of Cortisol | Immunity to Coronavirus, Oxygen Energy & Lifestyle Medicine

Uses Of Cortisol |  Immunity to Coronavirus, Oxygen Energy & Lifestyle Medicine

Kyle delbridge Kyle, we’re talking about
the coronavirus we’ve got some breaking news here a lot of information but we’re
gonna make it short and brief so that you get the full story first I’m gonna
cut away to what it looks like under an electron microscope take a look at this
this is this is essentially the corona virus we are looking at an image
collected at Rocky Mountain laboratories national suit of Allergy and Infectious
Disease and we can see the yellow the yellow little spheres on top of the blue
those blue are the essential blood cells those are the cells of the body but the
yellow are the viruses accumulating now an electron microscope picks this up
rather nicely and we can see the viral particles and they’re emerging from the
surface of a cell so to be accurate that surface of the cells way bigger it’s
about 400 times bigger and the little viruses are in the measurements that we
know of nanometers and so forth so when we look at this let’s let’s cut away to
the red blood cells see in the far right we can see the actual red cells but on
the right here now center screen is the white blood cell and you can see how
highly active this this is the most important part of our body’s immune
system we really stand protected and everything that has to do with the
health and the vitality of the body really revolves back full circle to the
immune system and believe it or not we’ve discovered one of the most
important factors that affects the immune system and that factor quite
frankly is the ability of the adrenal glands to defend and protect us so first
let’s say again take a moment taking a look at this white blood cell pretty
amazing isn’t it that is my white blood cell in the
middle so active that we have to keep adjusting the microscope to find it
because it’s moving rapidly and as it moves like a pseudo pod meaning it’s
putting out its little fingers like its little feet and then it engulfed us
thing in ghost things in the little bottom right there’s a white little
white particle and that is some Candida it picked up it picks up viruses and
bacteria ones that are foreign proteins that the body identifies as potentially
harmful or problematic so think of the white blood cells as your frontline of
Defense and yet the people who are going to do the best and fear the best and
recover the best will be those who understand the properties of how to
strengthen the immune system you know we talked about that the whole issue Kyle
of of this condition of of the corona virus and covet 19 because it was really
essentially discovered recently in in the year 2019 we also know that the
whole issue of covet 19 is really almost a subgroup of Mirrors which is the M ers
Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome discovered in 2012 Saudi Arabia and it
was believed to be related to camels of all things and it would transmit to
humans and then of course we know of SARS which is a source acute respiratory
syndrome found in China about 2002 and it spread worldwide in a few months a
few thousand cases in the US but you see the prediction if we look back and this
is almost a corona like virus mirrors and SARS it does have a little bit
different action but I’m gonna predict it’s not going to kill millions of
people that people say it’s going to it’s certainly problematic for certain
higher risk populations but I’m also going to tell you immediately that the
shall I say the symptoms if you will the symptoms of this whole issue of the
blood borne issues when they transmit through the blood stream we pick it up
say being sneezed on or transmitted via our hands and so forth the white blood
cell step in but what are
the key factors of the immune system in the Cova what are the symptoms it’s a
new strain and we believe a dry cough aches and pains congestion sore throat
and diarrhea but guess what these are very similar symptoms to those that are
well described in the book safe uses of cortisol by William McKinley Jeffries a
university professor of Virginia University of Virginia professor and he
describes in very clear detail actually let me see if I have that pulled up here
for us to review I think I sent it via my okay here we’ll have to pull that up
in a minute I think okay so give me a moment here and I I did want to again
backtrack Kyle what are we seeing in in the red blood cells and the white blood
cells and what is their principal job here I mean you have a pretty good image
of it right there give us a little rundown while I pull up the information
here that I’m searching for you guys might have seen as as many of these
samples as I have but these red blood cells are quite round in uniform in
shape and what that allows them to do is that allows them to enter capillary beds
and be utilized properly right because capillary beds are I believe 9 microns
wide right and and the our capillaries I should say are 9 microns well the the
capillaries are seven microns the red cells or nine I was a 911 I know is to a
two micron difference seven and nine and so because that because of that
difference those red blood cells end up having to squeeze into those capillaries
and that’s what we want because when they squeeze they end up being squeezed
like sponges and release all that oxygen all those that oxygen of those nutrients
that those cells need well if your cells aren’t uniform in shape and size you
know being oval oval shape or you know undersized that kind of thing that ends
up making you not collect the nutrients or absorb the nutrients into the cells
the way that you should and it ends up making it so those those cells also
don’t expend those nutrients into those cells the way
they should by being squeezed by those capillaries so you know the fact that
these are round and uniform in shape that’s you know kudos to you Nick well
and also keep in mind that we all have these marvelous white blood cells
there’s essentially five different leukocyte types and basophils a center
fills monocytes and so forth and each of these types of cells play a role in the
body these little black particles inside are very powerful digestive enzymes we
called lysosomes and when they engulf a foreign protein or a virus or bacteria
they literally can dissolve and destroy it almost instantly pretty amazing the
fact that we have these frontline soldiers that do such an amazing job but
I do want to kind of cut away for a moment to something that’s rather
impressive and that is now that we’re off the screen on the blood they’re
actually gosh look at that look at the movement of those white blood cells
that’s the sign of a healthy powerful strong very viable immune system Kyle
isn’t it the case that sometimes we’ll look at some people and their white
cells are hardly moving at all very low viability true yeah absolutely they’re
stuck in place and there are examples of individuals who how shall I say their
white cell count is either too low or it’s too high and it could be a sign of
an autoimmune disease an overactive immune system but when they’re too low
and under active the body’s not rising to the occasion to deal with this but
let let’s go to something rather important here I wanted to kind of
confer this this idea of the corona virus and I’m titling it a shocking new
solution from a cold discovery and what do I mean by an old discovery let’s
let’s see if I can zoom in on this Kyle where do i zoom in on that to bring this
document a little closer there we go okay all right mess things up all right no
problem just again based on this book the safe
uses of quarters I wanted to jump ahead to a quote here I don’t know if you can
see that very well but the flu pandemic here I’ll just zoom in a little bit
better here now I think you can see that a little better
okay this is a quote from the book and again the search for the solution to
death from the flu pandemic outbreaks like the corona virus and though
diseases like this mostly affect the elderly this is what he said about the
implications of low cortisol korzel by the way is produced by the adrenal
glands and let’s let’s just kind of zoom in on this this concept here and here
I’ll just pull it up even a little closer okay so what we’re talking about
is although most fatalities occur in older patients with complicated
complicating illnesses that could impair resistance to any infection at least a
small percentage of deaths and influence epidemics occur in young apparently
healthy persons suggesting an impairment of their defense response so something’s
going on where their actual white blood cells and by the way look at this
impressive white blood cell those are very impressive granular sites the
there’s grandeur sites a granular sites so those that have these granules of
very powerful lysosomes digestive juices that is and you can actually see the
lobes there here I’ll just point these out these little lobes right there that
that is part of the white blood cell structure and we can actually judge the
health of your b12 absorption for example by the number of lobes of the
white blood cell three to five is normal this has three so when we’re looking at
these very active white blood cells what we all now have to be concerned about is
this statement here the referring patient who had received cortisol
without antibiotics clinical response were striking in others these were
people who had the flu in in many cases back in the
1950s there was a deadly outbreak of flus throughout United Kingdom and it’s
described in this book safe uses of cortisol and he goes on to say they
administered cortisol that’s all they did no antibiotics okay and it says the
clinical response were striking within 24 hours all patients felt much better
and within 48 hours symptoms such as fever malaise and generalized aching had
completely subsided sound familiar to the coronavirus the symptoms of fever
aches and pains malaise is generalized body aches and certainly in other
references in the book they talk about sore throat they talk about the
conditions associated with congestion and runny nose and certainly dry cough
but listen the initial initial dosage of korzel was decreased after 48 hours and
discontinued after six days of therapy no relapses or complications occurred
Wow that folks listened far more powerful than any antibiotic any vaccine
ever developed what we’re saying is an old-school cure for a new disease we
call the corona virus believe it or not by supporting healthy adrenal function
your own adrenals produce about 40 milligrams of cortisol a day and yet the
dosages at times when we’re under siege when someone isn’t producing enough
cortisol which gosh I mean or it’s impaired what’s that I said or its
imports impaired right my things like things that actually support it in this
show but there’s a number of things that impair the ability of the body’s immune
system but so many of us are doing yeah so here as we discuss this this whole
concept and we again shoot back to the white blood cells and we see this
incredible activity of the blood cells and what they’re able to do I think the
critical thing is to know that doctors can prescribe hydrocortisone now
not talking about prednisone and corticosteroids that are far too
powerful this is kind of an old school and I kind of think to court f is the
name-brand but I have doctors working with us that
can’t prescribe hydrocortisone I’m not even sure it’s on a patent anymore so no
one’s going to talk much about it because the the newer prednisone sub
derivatives corticosteroids could be still under patent so the doctors
usually are kind of trained by big pharma to not talk much about the old
school if you will bio tentacle hormones which is what hydrocortisone is because
essentially there’s hardly any money in it for them I hate to say it’s a very
cost effective drug right a very cost effective treatment it’s cheap really
hydrocortisone is so inexpensive I mean I heard President Trump talking about
that they’ve fast-tracking through the FDA
these malarial drugs which they’re saying some of the newer drugs didn’t
take nearly a year to go through the trials because they don’t know what the
side effects will be but that malarial drug is not without side effects and we
can talk about that at length at another show but that’s not this the sense or
direction we’re going with this show I’m not questioning the president he’s not a
medical doctor he’s depending on medical experts and yet none of them no one no
one is talking about the immune system why not why not because there’s no money
in it for big pharma I hate to be as blunt as I could be but I’m not gonna
get into the conspiracy ideas and all that but let’s just cut to the chase and
say what is the best way to support a healthy strong immune system let’s start
start with the actor acronym shine what does shine stand for here I’m gonna cut
away here to a little reader board so you can just glimpse on something that
we meet simple for you to follow shine stands for sleep hormones such as korzel
that we’re talking about and I’m gonna mention ACTH infection prevention
if infection immunity if you will nutrition and the nutrition and exercise
okay so those are the acronyms so let’s let’s jump right into it
here and and we’ll kind of cover this together
about the necessity of sleep why in the world are doctors not talking about the
importance of sleep during the time of the coronavirus no one do you hear
anyone on these shows ever no I’m not and I mean but you don’t you’re not
hearing much about the symptoms even unless you’re really looking you know
it’s mostly about to be scared stay in your homes right and and and I think
that the challenge that we have with this kind of mentality is that the fear
really affects the hormones it does oh my god think about that aspect of it
yeah huge huge gigantic yeah and and Bruce Lipton who spent much of his early
career in biological medicine looking under electron microscopes you know I’ve
been a fan of microscopes for 43 years I mean I’ve been studying microscopy as as
early as when I was in my 20 so so for me this is this is kind of old school
stuff but it’s got to be brought to the public people have to understand what do
I see in a purple hue hue it’s adequate sleep
preferably eight to nine hours a night yes even if you’re older some people I
don’t need is enough as much sleep it’s quality sleep and you do need that seat
particularly if your body is under siege on a worldwide pandemic related to the
corona virus do not use an alarm clock to wake up you say oh I won’t build a
wake up turn your clock back in other words go back go to sleep sooner turn
the lights off sooner to put the phone down sooner right make it dark in the
room put in some soothing music I use theta music I some people know beats
that sort of thing yeah some people aren’t open to this but I have a
download at our website NOP scripts and one of them’s a sleep program and it’s
calmly talking to you bypassing critical thinking relax your mind relax your body
downwards and as your body relaxes see yourself and feel yourself just melting
into the bed real simple scripts nothing weird or oh he’s gonna program with me
with strange things people get weird about when they hear about you know
anything to do with NLP timeline therapy I won’t even use the word that scares
people subconscious mind yes your subconscious mind controls 97% of every
thing in action you do in every thought and only 3% most of us live in the
conscious mind i I had a good interview with Daryl Wolfe and he talked about
listen move your place to where you’re making 90% of your decisions at the
conscious level it truly can be done and that’s impressive but you got to count
downward three two one I’m in control three two one I’m not gonna drink that
coffee three two one I’m gonna eat fresh fruits and vegetables and by counting
down words you get into your conscious mind and most your decisions can be made
in unconscious mind furthermore let’s go back to sleep
darken the room appropriately make sure that even this is a nightlight on on the
clock that’s gonna interfere in a single dot on your charger or something along
those lines right it’s good it’s good interfere by 50% cutting your natural
hormone called melatonin that actually helps you to sleep and then here’s
another one here’s another one too just before you switch subjects pink lights
right or a light bulb in your room that doesn’t create blue light spectrum right
light spectrum is the same as the one that comes off your phone that you’re
trying to avoid if you’re sitting in a room with light on you know you don’t
want to sit in a dark room for two hours before bed get a light that’s not gonna
create that spectrum okay and there’s some variance of a blue light that may
be okay you know when you’re looking at autistic spectrum and so forth but again
you have to know what the spectrums are and and study and read what if you’re
going to use any kind of light or night light personally I just shut it all off
but you know well my son he kind of likes a little bit of light before he
goes to sleep before I shut it off I leave it on so it gives him that kind of
like you know safe feeling right but if we’re talking about these hormones let
lets let’s go a little bit further hormone deficiencies can contribute
let’s let’s take a quick look at this list hormone deficiencies
can contribute to fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome and unfortunately most
blood tests miss the signs of these adrenal fatigue it’s it’s generally
identified best by a blood that is a 24-hour urine test for the adrenal and
the cortisol derivatives metabolites and it’s also identified in saliva but a
large majority of the people with fibromyalgia should do treatment by
trial and we can intervene with thyroid but in addition if you feel irritable
when you’re hungry that’s a dead giveaway you have very poor adrenal
function if your cravings sugars there’s a whole list of things at our website
when you take the adrenal hormone test and that’s gonna help you quite a bit
but again we can measure the issues related to chronic fatigue and remember
chronic fatigue is tied heavily to the immune system your ability to protect
you an infection the underlying which comes first the viral condition by
bacterial or a weakened system that allows these certain viruses to develop
a high load a big level that or in as a subgroup with bacteria increasing after
the virus increases so these things along with yeast infections are a
problem certainly infecting the sinuses and so forth so chronic fatigue people
are the most susceptible whether they’re young or old and and people have to
understand that we’re not just talking about older people I know a lot of
people with chronic fatigue and I think this generation has got more cases of
chronic fatigue than ever before you just push the caffeine button trying to
get through it which makes it even worse everyone’s trying to just get through
the day I think you know we can get into that as we have on other shows but let’s
let’s go besides identifying the underlying cause
the immunity the infection and treating that with more I’ll say natural methods
with supplementation nutrition and lifestyle medicine what is it that’s so
important in the night and in the nutrition category so what are we
looking at we’re looking at healthy energy level sustained by the
right nutrients and overcoming nutrient deficiency now for example we cut it way
to the blood if we see an oval-shaped blood blood cell as we see right here
this cell is lacking some b12 it’s oval in shape and that oval shape means we
need a spectrum of B vitamins what are some of the b12 vitamin derivatives that
we’re learning now or even more important to get the right shape of the
red cells so hydroxy Kabbalah means a great one okay and adenosylcobalamin
yeah both of those are from it from what I understand they they don’t cause the
same kind of deficiencies when you when you overuse them like like you can get
when you overuse methyl couple methylcobalamin witches and everything
Wow so so that being said I have to say that this whole idea of a good crossover
of B vitamins and those B vitamins we use in a product called stay young that
has a good source of the B vitamins and also we have the the newer product I’m
just gonna hold up the label it’s on the bottle as well insulin metallic andriy
that is and that product is meeting 625 percent of the vitamin D or five
thousand international units which is a now referred to as micrograms can you
can you see the micrograms on that what six 125 microgram yeah 125 micro grams
equals the 5,000 IU’s at international units and it’s the type of vitamin d3
that’s essential for building up the immune system so you need to get this
product insulin metabolism insulin mitochondria that is and that’s
available in in the show links and the discussion here but also I want to say
that the use of adrenal dmg if I could only take one product Kyle if I could
only take one product and I was restricted from anything else I wouldn’t
even hesitate without a moment it would be what
adrenal dmg yeah we we we nerd it out on this a little bit
you know nerd it over it’s over several times but like I was talking about about
it with you earlier today I had no idea how big cortisol was like I knew it was
important for testosterone if you don’t have enough cortisol in your – you’re
gonna almost make yourself more tired with this dosterone or boosting
testosterone levels then then if you uh you know then if you don’t that sort of
thing but man it’s it’s important with everything immune system mental clarity
your mood your pain sensitivity it’s and whether you whether or not I’ll go on
record you survive the corona virus lutely that’s the big one that we
stumbled on it’s you you knew already but when we were troubleshooting some of
my problems it was like oh my gosh people need to know this yeah so I wrote
about it in the early days when I wrote a book bro young and slim and the and
the update books and of course when you when you look at books like infection
protection they’re good books but they’re mainly talking about containment
and confinement and isolation which is all important I mean wearing the masks
and all that stuff but you know what when you really delve deep the newer
books with the hormone solution with dr. Terry Hertog a really nice reference if
you will his encyclopedia atlas of endocrinology of hormone therapy and you
know I’m first to tell you look listen I had to have mentors everyone has to have
a mentor I’m hoping to be your mentor to guide you through this journey that
we’re all on with this coronavirus this journey of life over death literally
life over death and I have to say I would be remiss if even five people
young people ages 22 to 45 died because they didn’t understand the huge
implications of the support of the adrenals and chronic fatigue and if you
suspect you’re a person who has chronic fatigue and if I ask you hey do you
sleep well at night and when you wake up in the morning are you rested and if
your answer is no you are absolute without even doing lat
most likely seriously suffering from chronic fatigue which we call adrenal
fatigue right are you tired all day the moment you
buuuut your head hits the pillow your mind starts racing about a
million-in-one things the adrenal fatigue yeah and and think about it what
can we do we can do lifestyle interventions to make the change and as
my mind spins whenever our beginning of this program because I’m such an in
present person I want to say the final part of shying is ee4 exercise now
exercise at a slow pace don’t overdo it even if you think you know you can push
yourself hard not for the immune system not if you’re not in good shape and even
if you are in good shape just kind of start off a little bit longer sessions a
little bit slower get your kind of heart rate up and your your respiratory rate
going but don’t overdo it at this stage especially if you’re a person with
chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue because if you’re the type of person
that exercise exercise is hard and you’re exertion perceived exertion after
and you develop into this fatigue situation for days then you definitely
have to understand this this whole process of rebuilding the body over the
period of next several months right absolutely so that being said let’s cut
away to a world renowned in your chronologist that that I interviewed and
then we’re gonna jump back into adrenal dim she I got to tell you Kyle I mean
it’s it’s just crazy what we’ve learned about this here let’s take a store short
station here moment and just think about what we’re gonna do to build up those
adrenals because the adrenals are critical and doctors many times did not
admit that adrenal dysfunction even existed I want you to hear from one of
the top endocrinologist and the work as we return we’re gonna go right to
fullscreen here we go dr. Edwin Lee here we go William
McKinley Jefferies wrote a book safe uses of cortisol and he talked about the
importance of bioidentical cortisol to stabilize the adrenals and then later
dr. Wilson wrote adrenal fatigue and talked about certain herbs and
nutriceuticals and ways to stabilize with lifestyle and and supplements so is
it possible that the inter chronological society at some point will catch up to
where you’re out I mean the data is quite clear isn’t it well I think maybe
20 years from now so say adrenal fatigue does is this – Carly its ridiculed and
it’s not acceptance so did you hear that is saying it’s gonna take 20 years and
currently it’s ridiculed by traditional medicine and injured chronologist yet
here’s one of the top and your chronologiste in the country practices
in florida and he’s staying very clearly that and here let’s let’s hear what he
says let’s let’s just let him say it I won’t steal his thunder here we go let’s
listen but I think the younger generation of doctors coming out I think
they’ll be more receptive and I had adrenal fatigue starting my new practice
Wow and my cortisols were flatline and the thing is that a lot of people
have a few fatigue and did you hear that he says I had adrenal fatigue and he
says a lot of people have adrenal fatigue and and it’s just so overlooked
and and under described and yet I’m purporting to you it’s the number one
factor you must address to beat the coronavirus if you and when you do
contract it because it’s highly contagious it’s spreading around the
world but I’m gonna predict it’s not going to kill millions but more
importantly those listening to this who understand the scientific basis and
findings and did we quote that other we did both quotes about the discovery that
those people without antibiotics we’re the ones who completely recovered
within 48 hours to two days right let’s go further with Edwin Lee here I think
this we’re onto something huge they’re so relieved when they come to
see me because it’s not in this I can’t get up right so you know I try to use
everything and then if things don’t work that I’ll
use basically our court F which is hydrocortisone at low dose yeah okay so
just pay attention this he’s prescribing hydrocortisone at low dose what’s what’s
a interval dosage that’s talking about in safe uses of cortisol we’re not
prescribing here we’re just saying what you should suggest to your doctor what’s
what’s five milligrams four times a day or ten milligrams four times a day if
you are presenting presenting symptoms symptoms being coughed particularly dry
cough even if you don’t have the test for coronavirus aches and pains the
congestion the sore throat the diarrhea right so at that case it would be just a
little tablet you just you just swallow it it’s flavorless
yeah and but what he said is he’ll go to low dose hydrocortisone at intervals
only after he’s done other measures which happens to be the same shine
methods that’s described by Jacob tidal balm and really really clear about this
whole issue of adrenal fatigue and probably your number one way your if you
take nothing else but as we’re gonna describe now the nutrients that support
healthy adrenal function we would start with that if it needs to tried your
cortisone but adrenal dmg is gonna be your Wow it’s gonna be your lifesaver
I mean I’ll put it out there here we go and and the interval support the body
produces at least 40 milligrams a day on its own right and anything less than
that in the body is starting to fail it was once stated that it’s one of the
hormones that you can’t live without it it’s the front line of defense it
protects you from various constructs problems but people blame if they think
that cortisol production is the bad guy when its present to protect you and then
they thought it was the one that was the one causing harm is that probably true
whether yeah all cells also involved is your energy I mean I call it the fuel
and you know and you have low fuel like if you drive a car and you don’t fill up
the car with gasoline you’re not gonna go far so you need to fill out that gas
time and the two things that I naturally if I tell my patients yeah that can get
your cortisol on easy gotta sleep it’s not just the quantity it’s also
quality I’m really impressed when they have sleep apnea you get that corrected
the energy phenomenal yeah so I really try to focus the first thing in sleep
sleep sleep even if you sleep well everything gets better
yeah okay so you got it folks Sleep Number 1 how can you sleep when you even
have 1 cup of coffee you say oh I have no problem I drink the coffee early in
the morning there’s many studies that show a cup of coffee is equal to 100 to
150 milligrams of caffeine which in the PDR is a drug dosage is prescribed as a
medical drug at that dosage we can’t fight in the UFC if you take anything
over it yeah yeah in fact sports athletics are not allowed to take more
than I think it’s 200 milligrams as a cut-off a cup of coffee in the morning
that’s the most you can do anything more than that is considered a
performance-enhancing drug yeah and now let’s go back he conferred yes 40
milligrams a day the body produces naturally everything I said he
absolutely agreed with world-class inter chronologist dr. Edwin Lee by training a
medical doctor full on board-certified in her chronology author of books here
let’s go what’s number two besides sleep let’s hear what he has to say let’s
let’s cut away again there’s some evidence about not necessarily just
eight hours of sleep but maybe getting to bed earlier sunrise sunset
isn’t a body more conditioned to those biorhythms and it’s more consistent okay
so he’s talking about the by rhythms very dark at night during your sleep
time and very light during the day get outdoors in the sunlight so your body
produces its own natural release of cortisol the frontline of Defense
because if you don’t produce enough cortisol what is the hormone the body
defaults to that people live off of that’s more stressful than anything you
can imagine adrenaline absolutely so let’s I think he’s only
got a few words left here I think I got a so so I you know again I want you to
follow this very clearly doctor after doctor that our world-class doctors that
understand this whole relationship to thyroid testosterone DHEA aldosterone
these are all part of the immune system so you know what are we looking at when
we’re talking about the immune system let’s let’s just cut away for one more
segment here with dr. Susie sure what is the difference is that too much cortisol
so it’s a matter of degree so it’s like yeah what music you shoot a fly that I
can’t any of the clothes you know I like it I like it
okay teri I mean you may get the fly eventually but you have because you know
look but I like his analogy better because it just kind of is very very
said it’s good to drink six to eight glasses of water a day so you drink this
eight gallons of water that’s not good for you know so then that’s the
difference so now we attribute the you know Corzo properties there’s six great
gallons of water we sit well waters bad which is like the synthetic prednisone
Xand corticosteroids is they’re so strong even in five milligrams the
action is just lingers in the body so it’s not matter it’s not even a matter
of like amounts this is an act differently in the body so what happens
is that you have a quality and it has a certain three-dimensional
facial orientation and they and the pharmaceutical company will take and put
a chemical moiety like a chemical moving on to it right not so that we can
improve on mother nature so they’ve been patented really it’s a business really
about people and it basically what it does is that it’s almost like course
it’s not quite because it contorts molecule three dimensionally and so
because it’s slightly out of whack I don’t you know I’ve alignment from work
Michael Kors that would be my attaches to receptor it’s almost as if it screws
in it keeps it on on on on on on all the time so that’s why it’s way more potent
even goes for dose you know even if you did all the adjustments is until
extremely potent because it’s on all the time the body was not meant to have it
on all the time it was meant to have it on and then off if he releasing it
slowly that’s good but mechanism actively separates go on and off it’s
not like on on or not so that’s why you have such a major side effects with
something like prednisone or dexamethasone is very very important
okay so I want you to be very clear on this prednisone Dec some pregnant
dexamethasone and so forth these are pharmaceutical chemically altered to be
able to patent them dr. Susie shooter medical doctor who studied with dr.
Terry Hertog and who helped to edit some of his textbooks specifically states
that cortisol is an on-off hormone you don’t want this chemically altered
corticosteroid this synthetic type of intervention that leaves it on on on on
on on is over over doing this like she gave the analogy of eight glasses water
not eight gallons of water right what did she say for 24 hours a day consisted
of all sleep or all getting you know all going right it’s right of balance it’s a
balance right right so I hope the audience is getting clear about this but
if backtrack to this whole idea of doing
sleep getting the shine results dealing with colds and flus dealing with drama
dealing with weight gain it’s it’s so clear to us now that the number one
hormone Bar None arguably the number one most important hormone that you could
ever ever contemplate wanting to take utilize or if you will improve upon she
said you can’t improve on mother nature but what you want to do is support those
adrenals so what I’m talking here about is one of our professional brands that’s
for the doc nutrient group and we have the over-the-counter product which by
the way the professional one you can order through your doctor if your doctor
doesn’t know about it get in touch with your doctor and have them get in touch
with us if you wish but we do have the adrenal dmg product that’s part of what
we’re offering for people you’re saying Nick this is like a blatant commercial
you know what I take it every day of my life as a method to support healthy
adrenal function why it’s got everything you need now will it work as quickly as
natural by identifying orders oh no I’m not saying that some people need a
kickstart that’s where during this coronavirus if you do feel like you have
these symptoms and if you have a doctor who’s highly evolved that’s into
anti-aging who’s been trained with dr. Terry Hertog dr. Ron Rothenberg at the
American Academy anti-aging medicine most these doctors are board certified
and and then they had their subgroup of their ongoing training with over 26,000
physicians around the world they tell me I’m the force most followed in in in the
world in the web and in terms of education with these with these doctors
I’m a medical correspondent for the world health net and you can see my
articles published and I’m one of the biggest textbooks and
specifically about hydrocortisone and cortisol an adrenal function I can show
you the articles in the textbooks in anti-aging medical therapeutics a big
red book and I’m not bragging about I’m just trying to tell you that the reason
I came to the conclusion that we need these ingredients this is from a lot of
study with dr. Wilson who wrote the book adrenal fatigue dr. jacob tidal bomb and
dr. Edwin Lee and Terry hertog and in each of the groups but here let’s let’s
just zero in on at least the proprietary blend dimethyl glycine which is an
incredible methyl donor cranberry extract but let’s pause on each of them
because I’ll I’ll do a brief synopsis here what are the benefits of course
better move better rest better biochemistry increased energy and the
most important for our discussion for the corona virus and immune support so
take a look then if we’re looking at dimethyl glycine HCL it’s it’s a natural
derived amino acid glycine it’s found naturally in plants and certain foods
such as beans and cereals and people can actually find it and in liver but I’m
not saying you have to go out and have a liver glandular but some people do use
glandulars dmg is produced in the cells during the essential metabolism of
choline and it’s an antioxidant it enhances oxygenation of the cells it
also is found to reduce the incidence of cystic fibrosis some studies show that
dmg enhances oxygen utilization and it reduces lactic acid buildup that’s great
for athletes right dmg is has been used extensively to with kids on the spectrum
we know dr. Bernie Rimland in San Diego was actively discussing the use of dmg
and TMG TMZ’s known as bedtime and it’s a also a methyl wised homocysteine form
of methane and methane onein now since Rahl is a patent
ingredient of a derivative of specifically ashwagandha and it’s also
called Indian Goose ginseng that is in winter cherry it is grown in India and
it is with the clinical trials that have been done specifically it is used in
this patented version that we use since raw to reduce stress anxiety reduction
energy enhancing cognitive function promoting benefits of ashwagandha itself
and it supports better sleep which we’ve been talking about that the critical
factor with sleep management for the whole issue with coronavirus weight
management blood sugar and cardiovascular health this is in
published literature folks this is this is what we’re talking about so Kyle when
we’re talking about this whole issue we didn’t just depend on one ingredient
adrenal cortex which is very important as a glandular now although I’m very
much plant-based I do a plant-based program for health but I believe there’s
a place for these glandulars when they’re properly purified and made
available I do have you know the support of certain herbs that is an animal-free
base which is the insulin mitochondria for those people who prefer to go that
direction it would not have the adrenal cortex and you know granted it has some
other herbs but it’s in a category I would put it number two you know if
you’re going to use but if again if you’re opposed to doing something that’s
not completely a hundred percent plant based then go with the insulin
mitochondria okay so we’re looking at cranberry extract what does this do for
us it has antioxidants it helps fight infection it boosts the immune system
multiple vitamins and minerals are present in cranberry and it also helps
with wound healing and disease prevention it’s a good source of
reduction of or regulation of blood sugar which is one of the big things
we’re talking about and it helps boost vitamin K and vitamin e levels essential
vitamins of the body and what about grapefruit seed extract very high in the
amounts of disease disease fighting free radical eliminating antioxidants it’s
what we classify as a powerful bioflavonoids the
like the whole vitamin C complex and it it’s really well known to stimulate the
immune system it’s interesting when I was assembling adrenal dmg I was doing
it out of the effort for people who I know have a depressed immune system but
more importantly I knew longevity depends on those who lived along as
generally have the strongest immune system it’s been identified this
grapeseed extract to assist in the attack of over 800 bacterial and viral
strains 100 strains of fungus and a large number of single and multi celled
parasites so there’s really no natural anti microbial that exists until what
we’re talking about here and in terms of its action now could I promote it as
truly able to kill all viruses all bad bacteria and all fungus I can’t but will
it support your immune system to do it yes that’s the key here
and what about garlic everyone’s known about garlic as boosting the immunity of
the body the immune cells the NK cells the natural killer cells to destroy
invading organisms and what about ashwagandha I can never say enough about
it it’s one of the most important stress with leaving herbs it actually assists
in the reduction in free radical damage and there’s remarkable evidence that it
helps in fighting the aging process in fact ashwagandha is one of those herbs
that they did in innate studies and they said eat that herb and you’ll live
longer and when you study inventing the AIDS virus by Peter Duesberg
he goes into the whole science of a depressed immune system and he says
there’s things that depress immune system that he doesn’t blame the AIDS
virus he blames a depressed immune system which is coming back full circle
to the corona virus it’s not the corona virus that determines whether or not you
survive it’s the terrain it’s the body’s ability
to fight these microbes in excess because we all have viruses we all have
bacteria it’s fighting them and overcoming them so what are we doing
then echinacea is here I’m just scrolling down
did I miss licorice root so when we talk about licorice root the long history in
Chinese medicine it has remarkable properties including helping the
adrenals to do what improve your cortisol levels in fact for fatigue
anxiety less resistance to infection licorice root has a particular type of
amino acid that helps equilibrium of the nervous system and what about echinacea
right we’ve heard about echinacea for years and how important it is and it
really unlike vaccines which is kind of an active only against specific disease
echinacea stimulates the overall activity of our cells responsible for
fighting all kinds of infection maybe pull up a white cell once again so we
can cut away to that so attacking bacteria viruses abnormal cells
echinacea facilitates wound healing speeds recovery particularly from
viruses and it has an anti-inflammatory now these are fact sheets I want you to
understand for doctors and we we do make them available to your doctor with the
actual journal references and you can see the general references that are
listed here dating back and throughout the medical
literature specific to these herbs and supplements wild cherry bark lowers the
the blood sugar helps control and manage cholesterol it reduces bacterial and
microbe activity it also helps reinforce muscular as elasticity and last lo diem
root one of my favorites it’s robust in regards to its vitamin C content it has
some remarkable abilities to target various types of if you will
microbial activity so how many adrenal DM G’s do we take much like the the use
of hydrocortisone when we want to stimulate the immune system which is
what we’re looking at right now the white blood cells see that incredible
activity of that white blood cell I don’t know about you but when I feel a
cold or flu coming on rather than using hydrocortisone because
I long since in the in the past which I have use hydrocortisone under
prescription with doctors guidance because I had a severe if you will
chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue it was life-saving for me when I first got
involved with that but I wanted to transition to something even more
natural which is what caused me to further study the immune system and what
does it take to get the your own white blood cells to activate and during
seasons of high flu and colds and the corona virus
instead of taking just three adrenal DM G’s in the morning and three in the
afternoon I sometimes would take another dose in the evening so it would carry me
through to the next morning if I tended at that stage if I’m under a lot of
stress and waking up fatigue but again I’ve been known to take not 3 3 & 3
which is 9 I’ve I’ve taken as many as 12 adrenal DM G’s a day and I got to tell
you along with a lot of healthy hydration and along with exercise and
quality sleep in most cases when I get a cold or flu coming on I’m done with it
within 40 hours you know one thing I don’t trust people say I never get sick
I’ve never been ill a day in my life I said really well then I question the
strength of your immune system I mean the key is people will get sick but how
long did the symptoms last very weak and mild symptoms in a person with a very
strong immune system Kyle what do you have to add to that with this incredible
view of the white blood cells and what’s your thoughts about everything we’ve
been talking about in your own case let’s let’s talk about it well I mean
the immune system is key right it’s and and it’s not this this thing about
panicking you know hiding yourself in a room and you know stressing yourself all
out all day about a killer virus coming right it’s about doing the right things
that you’d be doing you should be doing any other day
right it’s about you know proper sleep it’s about shine right proper sleep it’s
about balancing those hormones not stressing it’s you know it’s it’s about
getting back to the basics and and doing all the things that you know that you
should be doing all the things that if you’re if you’re in the if you’re in
other community weary and they’ve become obvious right they you know but for the
average person you know they’re there things that maybe maybe this update
hopefully will get them going on the right track before it gets here
and put it at very least supporting your immune system let’s just put it this way
very clearly can do no harm I mean herbs and and and natural
supplements and Bionicle hormones now biotech normals might have some people a
little bit oh I don’t understand enough about it and if you don’t you should
subscribe immediately to our YouTube channel for slash Delgado
video Dani we’ll put it in the show notes and you can just click right on it
and subscribe and I got to tell you I think even to this day Kyle I I know
you’ve been working with me for six years but you’re finding goldmine of
gems of articles like the videos to videos we cut it away to you’ve probably
seen them or heard them before doesn’t yeah right but they’re great but you’re
getting at the time you need the information you can pull it up better
than a Google search or where would you go Wikipedia oftentimes who’s funding
those things who’s got the big money big pharma sure we are self-funded due to
our supplement availability and I’m making it very clear to you I do stand
again for those people who do invest in their health using adrenal dmg but most
of what I teach is talking about lifestyle medicine interventions and the
fact that I’m telling you openly I’ve been oiled free and sugar free for a
better part of forty three years and it’s paid made a huge difference and I
have to say I’ve exercised consistently over the last forty three years but I
got to tell you also I’ve done it with supplements and without and I would
never ever risk my life at my age which I’m 65 going on 66
I would not risk my health knowing what I know and looking under the microscope
and seeing how the body’s immune system copes and handles disease conditions and
processes so we have a special offer please check out check out Delgado
protocol comm we have one bottle adrenal dmg then we have a discount for three
bottles and a bigger discount for six if I were you invest in the six bottles
give it a shot use them appropriately and trust your
immune system your god-given immune system but don’t combat your immune
system and do things that just don’t make sense
so one like dr. Edwin Lee said this information you know the met then the
modern medical industry is 20 years behind don’t wait 20 years to get this
information into your hands by listening to only your doctor right yeah go to
this incredible offer dr. Nick Delgado and we’re here to support you please
tune in please subscribe and guess what this week those of you investing in
adrenal dmg I’m going to suggest to you that you should request a bottle of Nero
insight the incredible methyl donor and normally we don’t include that but if
you heard this show and you said hey I heard it on the show we’ll get our
office to send you a bottle of Nero insight to go along with your adrenal
dmg and again as I said I don’t think there’s a product I would be without if
I had one single product adrenal dmg would be hit I have formulated a number
of products that make a huge difference in the body’s immune system there it is
can you see adrenal dmg but we’re gonna throw in oops a bottle narrow insight
try it out it’ll support you thanks everyone
be well be strong living beyond 100 be your best be happy and make this work
for you as we have for many thousands of people around the world thanks everyone

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  1. The key message is the use of any coffee is more than one should do, especially on a daily basis. The herbs such as guarana from Brazil, and green teas can be tolerated by those who can metabolize caffeine. There are those with chronic fatigue, who generally cannot metabolize caffeine or even tolerate one cup of coffee. Those people who when the go to sleep wake up un-rested after 8 hours of sleep, or if they get very upset when they are hungry, are likely at greatest risk to die from even a flu like the coronavirus young or old. These people need shine: Sleep, hormones, infection immunity and gentle exercise to rebuild there adrenal system. These people will benefit from herbs that support healthy adrenal function found in Adrenal DMG, Insulin Mitochondria and LivDtox. Use natural sanitizes, take Vitamin C found in Beet Vitality. Support hormone balance with Estroblock or DHT Block. TestroVida and Testrogenesis cream. Neuro ortho Stem also will support a stronger immune system. See take the hormone quiz to find out if you are at risk for illness.

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