Video Reflection

Video Reflection

Hello everyone my name is Alejandro and I enjoyed making this video reflection because it allowed me to view the presentation assignment from a learners lens. connecting points from the reading, my own reflection and the assignment itself I could see that there is a lack of clear instructions that all contributed to making this learning experience a poor one. the only real value I got from this was the metaphor which was a “Learning Labyrinth” metaphor so if you close your eyes, I could give you a better idea of what that was like for me tHIS ASSIGNEMNT FELT LIKE GOING THROUGHA. DARK MUDDLED labyrinth As mentioned in the digital natives piece students don’t just want their professors to use technology as a mere add on to their instruction but instead hope to get something valuable whenever professors use technology From the perspective of a learner, doing this assignment felt like I was just walking through circles and jumping through hoops since I felt like I was merely going off a checklist by coming up with a metaphor, coming up with 6 different tools at the end of the day, it felt unnecessary and didn’t provide any value to the assignment furthermore, I did not feel supported or empowered by the professor throughout any part of this process I now see why 2 of the 14 IESTL components are Empowered Leadership and Technical Support I do not feel like I received either of this for this assignment. The professor threw in the possibility of online zoom meetings but never offered to meet up in person As a learner, whenever I am having trouble with technology or an assignment I learn so much more when someone guides me in person than through an online portal furthermore, excepts us to add captions but never captioned any of the video announcements they themselves shared How effective can a Professors leadership be if they are not leading by example???????? So, in short, this learning experience felt like walking through a very dark, unguided labyrinth One last example of muddled instruction and directions is that the professor mentioned “Paulo Freire” in his announcement but I am unsure if I can actually cite Friere in this assignment’ Since he clearly captures how I PLAN TO USE what I learned in this assignment Friere talks about the cycle of Praxis that relies on reflection and action informing each other in our teaching Reflecting on the poor instruction given by my professor for this activity I plan to act on that an ensure that my teaching is clear, concise, and unmuddled I hope that following Friere’s cycle of Praxis, I can provide clarity and rich learning experiences for my students unlike the ones that I’ve experienced in this class. [Mic Drop] Thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed that I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the bottom Take care!

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