Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 640 – Full Episode – 3rd February, 2020

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 640 – Full Episode – 3rd February, 2020

Goddess Manikarnika,
Lord Vishwanath are equally devoted
towards each other. And the relation
between them is unbreakable. A relation in which both the partners
are absolutely devoted and take care of each other.. Such a unique relation is the result of marriage. And this is the second vow
of marriage which mother, in the form
of Goddess Manikarnika and father,
in the form of Lord Vishwanath explain to the entire world. This is such a unique pond. ‘Brother is mesmerised
upon seeing this pond.’ ‘Taking advantage
of this opportunity’ ‘I must narrate him this story.’ ‘So that he gets to know’ ‘more about the second vow
of marriage.’ ‘It is possible that he
might change his mind’ ‘regarding his marriage.’ Honestly.. This pond
is marvellous indeed. Yes, Brother.
The pond which has been built by Lord Narayan himself,
must be marvellous. Uncle Lord Vishnu? Ganesh, we still have time. So why do you not narrate me
the story about this pond and utilise the time?
– Sure, Brother. So far you have heard the story
of Manikarnika Ghat’s glory. Now let me narrate you the story about this divine
Manikarnika Pond. Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev
are one. But once, for the sake
of welfare of the world Lord Narayan,
exhibiting his greatness decided to go
into prolonged meditative state in Kashi to please Lord Mahadev
as a devotee. And for that he chose this ghat. Then he started meditating. And Lord Hari Vishnu
continued meditating for 80,000 years. Until each particle of Kashi
turned into ‘Shiv Linga’. And then father, Lord Mahadev
and mother, Goddess Parvati got pleased
by Lord Narayan’s devotion. They decided to come to Kashi. My revered, Lord Mahadev and Goddess Parvati are coming. Finally they are going
to appear before me. They will reach here any minute. But..
But how should I welcome them? Listen what is Brother Hari Narayan
doing? Only Hari can understand
his mysterious ways. They have arrived. They are here.
They will appear before me. Greetings, Mahadev. My revered God. Greetings, Goddess Parvati.
– Greetings, Brother. Oh, Gauri-Shankar. I am grateful to you for appearing before me and making my meditation
fruitful. Rather you have blessed me,
Narayan. Despite being my revered God you did meditation for thousands of years. You have made Kashi more pious by doing meditation here. In my dearest city, Kashi you have turned every particle
into ‘Shiva Linga’. No, Lord. This is all due to your grace.
This is your divine play. My only wish is that Kashi should always
be safe. That it should not be affected
by the catastrophe. And this ‘Shaktipeeth’ situated at the bank of Manikarnika Ghat in the holy city of Mahadev should become a pilgrimage
for not only humans but for all the deities
and sages. Your wish is like a command
for this world. So even if everything
gets destroyed but Kashi will always be safe. And Manikarnika Ghat will be one of the most pious
places in this world being the place of union of Shiva and Vishnu. Henceforth the devotee who would take a dip in Manikarnika Ghat
or Manikarnika pond would hear Narayan’s name
under water and mine, outside. And he will be blessed
with our grace. To fulfil Lord Narayan’s wish father and mother took a dip in this pond thrice and enhanced its glory. “Shiva!” “Shiva!” Be it God or human beings anybody who steps into
this tank and takes a dip in it
three times he will get freedom
from all his sins with my blessings and he will attain salvation. Thank you very much
for fulfilling my wish, Lord. “Hail Lord Vasudeva.” I have got whatever
I asked my for Lord for. Now, permit me to give
the lotus that you had lost
in the tank. Brother, there is a reason
behind everything that happens. Let that lotus
be there itself. Now that the lotus
which you made using your wheel has fallen into the tank it will be called
Chakra Pushkarini Manikarnika. And I, the 12 year old
Adishakti will be situated near this tank in the form of Manikarnika,
the Goddess of salvation and I will help everyone
coming here to attain salvation along with peace, prosperity,
family, spiritual and marital bliss. So, Kashi will be called the place of salvation
from today and the grace of
Chakra Pushkarini Manikarnika will last forever. The Lord had blessed me with more than what
I had asked for. So, not just myself by all the Gods
and Goddesses are grateful. This Chakra Pushkarini
Manikarnika tank became the greatest one. After Lord Shiva and mother
took a bath in it that day all the Gods and seven sages
come to take bath in this pure Manikarnika tank
of the Manikarnika Ghat every afternoon. Brother, this work has been
going on till date in the same manner. It is afternoon. Divine.
Amazing. I also come here
every afternoon in my Dhundhiraj form in which I had shown
the path of salvation to Devodas,
the king of Kashi. Once all the Gods
finish their bath Lady Manikarnika
appears there everyday and collects the light appearing
from the half moon which is on the head
of Lord Shiva and spreads
the divine light of it. This connection between
Lady Manikarnika and Sage Vishwanath
is amazing. On one side, Lady Manikarnika
waits to meet Sage Vishwanath with complete honesty. On the other hand,
Sage Vishwanath offers prayers
to Lady Manikarnika without fail
and appears before her. By doing so,
both of them teach the lesson of devotion and dedication
to the world. Lady. Ganesh, we have got
incomplete visuals. Brother, it is still afternoon. We should also have
a bath quickly and offer prayers. I am sure
that Lady Manikarnika will appear before us too. Brother, three dips
are necessary to get the complete reward. Hail Lord Vishwanath! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Narayan.. Narayan.. Shiv.. ‘Hereafter, any devotee’ ‘who will dip
into Manikarnika Ghat’ ‘or Manikarnika pool’ ‘he can hear Lord Narayan’s name
inside the water’ ‘and Lord Shiv’s name outside.’ Narayan. Shiv. Shiv.. Narayan.. Oh, Goddess Manikarnika. Your presence is like
the blessing for Kashi. Please show mercy by giving me
your glimpse, Goddess! ‘If everything goes fine for you
over here’ ‘you will have a glimpse
of Goddess Manikarnika soon.’ Have I made any mistake,
Goddess? Brother, do you remember what Lord Vishwanath said
regarding chanting the verses? ‘One votive here is equal
to crores of votive.’ ‘Chanting a verse here’ ‘will benefit you immensely.’ Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Hail Goddess Manikarnika! Goddess! Goddess! Goddess! Dear. Greetings, Lord! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Hail Lord Ram! Ram.. Greetings, Goddess Vishalakshi,
Lord Vishwanath and Lord Dhundhiraj! Greetings Lord Mahadev! Lord Indra, did you get it, now? Goddess Manikarnika
is the Goddess of Salvation and not the Goddess of Death,
Lord Indra. That’s her identity. Perhaps, she was waiting that we understand this truth. That’s why, she did not give us
her glimpse yet. But she will surely bless us
with her glimpse, now. Goddess did not give us
her glimpse yet. How is our journey going
to be completed this way? Kartikeya, the commander
of army of Gods how will you achieve that power with which you can achieve
the ‘Pashupatastra’ weapon? No, Devraj.
Not just for this journey I want Goddess’s blessings
for all my deeds. Brother, every auspicious deed
has its own fixed time. Do not be distracted.
In some time when the dawn breaks Goddess will appear once again for the glimpse
of Lord Vishwanath. Perhaps, she may bless us then. We should not be disappointed. ‘Doubt is one such covering
between the Lord and devotee’ ‘which creates an obstruction’ ‘for the devotee
to reach the Lord.’

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