Violent Buddhists Target Muslims in Myanmar: The Daily Show

Violent Buddhists Target Muslims in Myanmar: The Daily Show

Let’s take a moment and talk
about the Nobel Peace Prize. All right, there’s nothing more
prestigious that you can win. It’s basically like getting an
Oscar for being a good person, -instead ofacting
like a good person. -(laughter) But the Peace Prize has been
on my mind, because recently, Myanmar has been
popping up on our news feeds. All right? It’s a country
of 50 million people situated between India,
China and Thailand, -which means their food is,
like, really good. -(laughter) And… and right now, they’re
having issues with their leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is
a Nobel Peace Prize winner. But lately,
there are people who are saying that she should be forced
to give her prize back because, well, there’s no peace. MAN:Disturbing reports emerging
of a new wave of attacks
unleashed by government forces
in Myanmar
on the Rohingya,
a Muslim minority,
considered one of the most
persecuted groups in the world.
Reports of villages surrounded,homes burned to the ground,
torture, executions and rape.
Nearly 150,000 Rohingyahave crossed into Bangladesh
since August 25,
with thousands more
at the border waiting to cross.
Yes, Myanmar’s army is
systematically targeting the country’s minority
Rohingya population, which is a horror
that is beyond belief. What’s even more unbelievable is finding out
who the villains are. FAREED ZAKARIA:
…one of the biggest puzzles
about her nation.Hers is a Buddhist country,which is supposed to be
the most peaceful of religions,
run by this Nobel Prize winner.But it is roundly condemnedfor its systematic persecution
of a minority,
a Muslim minority,
as it happens.
Here’s the puzzle for people.
They look at a Buddhist country, uh, that is yet, you know, persecuting violently
a Muslim minority. Okay, I don’t know
about you guys, but this (bleep)
is mind-blowing, right? ‘Cause I didn’t even know
that Buddhistscouldbe violent. Like, this goes
against everything I thought I knew
about Buddhism. Violence is
the complete opposite of what Buddhists
are supposed to do, you know? Like, what’s next, we’re gonna
find out that the Kardashians are secretly Amish? Like, what are we gonna…
You know? Just like, “Oh, my God,
mijn vader
was threatening “to cancel myrumspringa.“Hand me a pencil.
I’m gonna draw a selfie. Mmm… mmm…” Seriously, “violent Buddhists”
blows my mind. Like, did I have the wrong idea
just because, like, Buddha is so chubby and cute and… No, he’s, like,
the Pillsbury Doughboy of major religious figures,
you know? And you know, and you know,
Buddhists would be the most annoying people
to persecute you. Because, can you imagine while
you’re losing your (bleep), the Buddhist who’s, like,
burning down your house will be calm as (bleep),
you’ll be like, “Hey, man, you burned down my house!” He’ll be like, “You cannot burn
that which doesn’t exist.” “Are you (bleep) me? Everything
I own was inside that house!” “It’s clear that
you did not possess the items, the items possessed you.” “Yeah, I guess
you’re right, man.” Now, already, the idea
of a violent Buddhist is such a mind (bleep). What’s just as twisted
is a Peace Prize winner in a position of power
watching the violence and going: Shrug emoji. Do you ever worry
that you will be remembered as the champion of human rights
who failed to stand up to ethnic cleansing
in her own country? No, because I don’t think there’s ethnic cleansing
going on. I think “ethnic cleansing”
is too strong an expression to use for what’s happening. Oh, okay,
I’m gonna stop you right there. I feel like you’ve already lost
the argument when you’re saying, “Hey, we haven’t killed
enough people yet “for it to be called
‘ethnic cleansing.’ “Yeah, think of this as more
of a light ethnic dusting. Come on, huh? Yeah.” Now, now, here’s the thing,
Myanmar is the kind of country where– it’s
not like America, right? It’s the kind of country
where the president doesn’t control the military. So Suu Kyi,
some people would say there’s nothing
she can really do about this. But a leader with this kind
of moral standing, you know, I think New York
subway rules should apply. If you see something,
say something. -(laughter)
-Right? That should be the rule. -Oh, and if you…
and if you do, -(applause) yeah, see something,
say something. And I will add this in. If you do say something, try
not to sound like Donald Trump. I think this is due to fear
on both sides. And this is what the world needs
to understand– that the fear is not just
on the side of the Muslims, but on the side
of the Buddhists as well. You would accept the view
that the vast majority of the victims of the violence
have been Muslims. There is evidence
that they have been -systematically targeted.
-Yes, uh, Muslims have been… M-Muslims have been targeted,
but also, Buddhists have been, uh, subjected to violence. But there’s fear on both sides. Did you hear that? She just both-sided
ethnic cleansing. I bet Trump
was watching that like, “This woman is disgusting.” “Because of her views?” “No, she stole my lines! She should no longer be
president of Marshmallows.” “You mean Myanmar?” “That one.” Like, I don’t know, I… Look, I’m not
gonna solve anything. I’m not gonna solve Myanmar. I’ve only got 22 minutes
on this show. 5:40. Done.
Uh, I do know this, though. Maybe we need to change
who gets the Nobel Peace Prize, and when. Because so many people
have won the prize, and they’ve benefitted
from all of its prestige, and they’ve gone on
tonotbe peaceful. Like, maybe we should only give
the Nobel Peace Prize to people
after their career is over and they’ve passed away, right?
It’s at the end. We can call it
the “Rest in Peace Prize.” Then we know
you’re not gonna surprise us. You’re not gonna hurt anyone. Unless someone trips
on your grave. But that’s not your fault. Like, otherwise,
if you hand the Peace Prize out like it’s the Best New Artist
Award at the Grammy’s, you shouldn’t be shocked
if someday you end up with a Genocide Milli Vanilli.

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  1. Extremist Hindu in India supported all what's happening in Myanmar
    And you Rakesh are one of them
    Hey but Obama didn't attack within his own country
    Second Your shit comment doesn't justify what's happening there

    Why don't you compare the Myanmari ethnic cleansing to those attacks and killings of Muslims that occurred in 2002 in Gujarat by extremist right winger piss drinking Hindus

    So instead of justifying it by Obama shit
    Try justifying it by comparing it to your own shit hole

  2. Good job Trevor Noah on being yet another western media outlet to ride the self-righteous waves of ignorant hate without trying to present both sides of the story. I doubt you even did research on the military and their strategic tactics to oppress EVERYONE in the country including Aung San Su Kyi. But you probably just wanted to crack a few jokes and sound like a smart ass when ure as informed as fox news regarding these issues.

  3. TREVOR.. O man you are not American not African not Canadian… U are actually a international man.. The whole world is yours… Cause you dnt love land you love human being… Love you

  4. Never saw Trevor talk about Obama's Nobel Prize from black quota. May be because they belong to the same race? Am I being racist? So what?

  5. People get Nobel price by their personal character or thought.
    But can you say something about Christian prosecution every Muslim country ?

  6. Myanmar is right and their actions is valid coz these rohingya muslims do killings of Buddhists and captured vast land by threatening and murders and now they get answer in their own language….

  7. Im never going to understand why people like pursuing people over their beliefs. I admire those who give their life over their beliefs. Religion is the worst drug this world has!

  8. I used to like Trevor's comedy because he is very clever and was always educating people with his humor. But this episodes is such a disappointment! First of all, you are labelling Buddhist just like how media is trying to get attention. We have a lot of ethnic minority and I do understand that there were a lot of wars going on in Rakkhine State, however, it's "People kills other people," not "Buddhists kill Muslim." When we try to label the situation, the attention become diverted and we won't be able to find the source. And I do believe that the lady, not only herself, her father, is our country leaders and they have committed their whole life for the country. And yes, ethnic cleansing is a strong opinion to describe that. I am not saying that we don't enough ppl killed yet, but emphasizing that the word are very powerful (even more powerful if you are a famous person.) and we should n't be describing like that.

    And most importantly, Trevor, you show your opinion just from the news and media _ I admire and respect you, but for this episode, you are not good enough yet to express like this. However, do know that your words are also very powerful.

  9. Trevor Noah a comedian isn't completely qualified to judge someone like Syu Ki. He doesn't even gain a college degree. Just let him🤣

  10. Have you guys seen how the floods washed away Myanmar??? Displaced millions of them???? This is how Allah(swt) takes care of injustice.

  11. The Rohingya's are a Muslim group who were destabilizing Myanmar by starting separatist movements.. Buddhism is a peaceful religion..and one should understand the extent to which it was pushed to resort to violence

  12. Those fucking Buddhist should have waited and let there God decide the faith of them if it's written for them to get raped and robed and killed so be it. No need to chase the Muslim away and becoming God yourself.

  13. God bless you Trevor .. for talking and highlighting this massive murdering done my Burmas government on innocent muslim minorities..
    Please Do a show on Kashmir as well

  14. No one is ever gonna believe but back in the day when the world was in love with this woman, I didn’t trust her and I could never put my finger on why.

  15. Laughing at tragedies in the name of freedom of speech is in American trademark… this episode was painfully American.

  16. Does anyone ever tried to understand what made even Buddhist this violent. Everyone has a threshold. These are actions of a state not a religion, just to give you a perspective.

  17. Oh itʼs not violent for Muslim God to throw people and twelve year old children in hell for a very long time just because they have not prayed five times a day?

  18. No mention of the Muslim instigation of the Myanmaris before this. The Buddhist of Myanmar have endured A LOT from these Muslims, who have the same delusions of Manifest destiny as the Muslims fighting Israel.
    They believe that because the Myanmar are Kuffar's they are entitled to harass them, desecrate their holy sites, and claim their lands as Muslim lands.

  19. I hope that this old lady will burn in hell forever . This old lady think she will get away with crimes. No. God will make her pay for every crime.

  20. muslims say the day when their will be no other religions in the world except islam this is their ideology and they are conquering every country slowly and steadily by converting them and if any other religion try to fight back as if in Myanmar then they play the victim card saying they are attacked and killed.

  21. Trever, you have no idea about rohingya muslims, go myanmar once or read the history of recent past, you will know.
    Buddhists are just replied and those cowards started shitting and playing victim card…!!

  22. Like all other religions, there's always some group that go to extremes claims they do it as an act of god, when in fact they using religion to cover their obvious crime 😒

  23. A country without control of armed force? They wont last long enough especially with crisis they made to whole SEA

  24. Buddhism is NOT violence nor any religion. It’s the terrible corrupted people acting violence and using the religion name.

  25. I have been to Burma twice, crossing from Thailand, in Golden Triangle…the Burma army is basically running the country, she has zero power…no guns etc…

  26. Stop blaming religion it is not the problem we always find a way in bringing hate to all matters I just think we should stop focusing on our differences

  27. did anyone ask how did the peaceful buddhist monks become violent , does anybody really study myanmar history before commenting and coming to a conclusion? terorism just gives birth to other forms of terorism, this much i know.

  28. Lol.. now Bangladeshis know why Myanmar kicked these Rohingya out
    Drug trafficking
    Armed robbery
    Violence with the locals

    Trust me I'm from Bangladesh

  29. Hi your analysis is very good. But you didn't show why that was started? Show the cause. And specially if it was from other side, did you report that? And about religious discrimination, are you a Buddhaphobe?

  30. Buddhism is not a religion it is a way of life of love and compassion. These are lost people who are born as “Buddhist” but not practicing the way of Buddhism

  31. Budha people are very Soft Behaviour People's in the Words but Jihadi People targeted them so in last they take such action to save there Countries and Community.

  32. If u guts expose step dads cruelty on their step daughters in USA and UK… U may shout ur all receptors and do ice bucket challenge

  33. Actually aang sui kii is not doing anything wrong its basically people reaction because rohingyas want separate nation like they do anywhere else and they are involved in terrorist activities.

  34. Word 'violent' is for Bhudhist, 'metally deranged' is for whites; and everyone knows what 'words' would've been used by
    'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah', had they were reportinga about Muslims.

  35. Violent Buddhist ??? Are you fucking kidding me??? Rohingyas are spreading communal violence all over Myanmar that's why they have been kicking out of the country. They are threat to national security where they go

  36. Whe ever Buddhist tries to survive it is targeting but if Muslim does it is good fuck u this channel is terrorist channel

  37. When the Muslims are being oppressed, it's international new. But when the Muslims oppressed other religious minority, no one even talks about it……. Why?

  38. I saw her in an documentary once and SHE is quite extraordinary and she said something that has stayed with me as sound advice: "Never be afraid to face what needs to be done" when responding to how she has managed ..LET HER ALONE YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING GOING ON IN HER SHOES. BIG MOUTH TREVOR DONT LET THEM WHITE FOLK AND OTHER FOOLS HAVE YOU LOOKING LIKE JUST AN ASS OUT HERE 4CHRISTS SAKE ;|

  39. Anyone who takes action against one community automatically becomes "violent" as per your title,have you ever given a thought who really violent is?

  40. The Buddhist are doing right …. they are just telling rohingya muslim that… if you try to establish gulaame mustafa in our country, you will be punished badly so that you don't even think about spreading islam…

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