Voice Teacher Reacts to Marcelito Pomoy – Beauty and the Beast

Voice Teacher Reacts to Marcelito Pomoy – Beauty and the Beast

Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode another reaction to Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy as he
performs on the finale of America’s Got Talent: The Champions season.
I know HGT must be proud of his performance because they have released
it early and so I’m thrilled to be able to react even before the show has aired
here in the US. So, let’s jump right in with this performance of “Beauty and the
Beast”. Nice! (Heidi: Yes, Marcelito.) Yes! I love it already, you guys. Up in that
beautiful male soprano or countertenor quality that he’s able to use with such
great perfection. I love where the vowel is placed. I love the resonance and the vibrato that comes in to the ends of some of
these notes here just showing us that it’s free of any tension and the walls
of the throat – when he wants it to be – and it is so well done you guys. He sounds in
good voice for this performance as always and I am thrilled to see how it
unfolds. Nice! Nice chest voice here. You guys, I love the flip back and forth,
as usual, with him. We’ve done several reactions to Marcelito but he’s giving
us a different color with these voices in this performance. The vowels are
placed just a bit differently than when he was doing Andrea Bocelli or Celine
Dion or Sarah Brightman and he is doing his thing so well here. Really showing
off his stellar talent, his superstar talent. I am so excited for him to be in
this finale and I know he has a great shot at winning it all. Wow! You guys! Heidi is so excited and so am I.
But just in that upper sound that he gives us. Countertenor, male soprano –
it’s all being debated – but, nonetheless, in his upper dual voice, if you will,
he’s able to give us not only a nice, floating head voice quality but also a
nicely supported belting quality, if you will, with some wider vowels. You see he
opens up his mouth a little wider there and he closes it a bit when he wants to
give us the head voice sound up there. The fact that not only he goes back and
forth between these two registers but then he manipulates the tone quality and
colors that he gives us within that specific register. You guys, it still
amazes me. Wow! Wow, you guys. Wow. The dynamic contrast he gave us in that
song, especially there at the end, pulling it back to a softly sung ending.
It just shows the stellar control he has of his instrument. Star quality talent
here on display here on America’s Got Talent: The Champions finale. I’m so eager
to see how it all unfolds. Such a great performance. I’ll be right back. I want to
see what the judges have to say. Okay, the majority of the comments were
outstanding. Heidi, Alecia, Howie… all loved his some choice, thought it was
even better than the last performance on the show.
Simon basically said the same thing, other than he wanted a little bit less
predictable of a song, which whatever. They’re there to give their opinions and
that’s what they are – opinions – but I think you can tell by the audience
reaction, by most of the judges, even Simon. He admitted that Marcelito is
going to have an awesome career. He already has one but it’s going to
explode even more from his exposure on this program. So I’m just proud of Marcelito. Such a stellar performance displaying his excellent vocal talent –
star quality talent – and we all appreciate it so much. I’m such a fan of
Marcelito. So, I’m excited to see how it all unfolds tomorrow night. If you
haven’t heard him, please check out my other reactions to him. There have been
several so far, a couple on this show and even a couple of others before he was on
this show. So, I am so thrilled for him, proud of him, and I hope you all enjoyed
this reaction. If you did, please click like and hit subscribe, leave me a
comment down below and as always have a great day.

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  1. For auto-translations: Settings, English, Auto-Translate, Select Language.

    Lyrics (Letra): https://lyricstranslate.com/en/beauty-and-beast-bella-y-la-bestia.html
    My first reaction to Marcelito's "The Prayer": https://youtu.be/UnIEAz2azZA

    My reaction to his cover of "The Power of Love": https://youtu.be/o3M9hsYckeU

    My reaction to "The Prayer" on AGT: https://youtu.be/vVyEEcyPiCY
    My reaction to "Con Te Partiro" on AGT: https://youtu.be/tMWvqEKsldQ

  2. Hello Andy, thanks for your wonderful comments on Marcelito’s singing ability/talent! I think you should change Simon as a judge ! You know more better than himπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜‚

  3. Slaying and killing every song is the real TALENT of Marcelito Pomoy 😍I'm so proud of himπŸ‘ everyone's happy except for the Beast who actually chose the song πŸ˜‚ I wonder why πŸ€ͺ😜


  5. AGT Conspiracy theory
    Simon is bias
    They have already choose the winner and they used Marcelito Pomoy for their show
    Simon the beast he choose the song of Marcelito and if anyone notice the semi finals and the finals Simon tshirt is the same and the audience
    Did you get that???
    After this season with Marcelito I will unsubscribe AGT

  6. I love your detailed observations, showing your knowledge and expertise. Thank you for your support of our artists. 😊

  7. Andy we hope a true desicions prevails as the super fans & Howie Alicia n Heide too NOT Simon (the beast) he was too auckward shame on him some reactors all over the world are'nt satisfied the beast's remarks so funny he was really isnt it Andy? thank you thank you to you Andy in fairness

  8. Please react to Asia's Songbird REGINE VELASQUEZ' version of What Kind of Fool Am I in her red gown sitting on the concert stage. We promise you, it is amazing!!!

  9. Simon unhappy coz his song choice Marcelito didn’t sang it Simon team change it in last minute because they see Marcelito unhappy about Simon choice

  10. Love it marcelito Pomoy .to win .but some news de did not win .😭😭😭😭😭😭 Simon I hate you.

  11. He is really an amazing talent the fact that this song was not the full version..he must have to switch instantly to give his best..thank on your reaction❀❀❀

  12. A man singing with woman's voice is already great talent singing both male and female voice is that what u call predictable Simon are u out of ur mind,?

  13. Actually they released it early but the same video was leaked much earlier. Something fishy. And if you compare the semis and the finals, they use the same footage for simon's comment.

  14. Me encantan tus reacciones..😍
    Otra cantante espaΓ±ola que te recomiendo
    Diana Navarro..https://youtu.be/PaYwXNyIeOc

  15. Marcelito placed 5th because of the song choice of the BEAST Simon.

    Please watch the link below. They sabotaged him. They are just using him for ratings and views. All the judges are in with the show. They made it appear that Marcelito did pick the song but in reality, it is the opposite.


  16. No one can do this except marcelito pomoy!!! Put on your mind simon cowel!! I think simon you can now rest dont comeback to AGT as a judge simon!! Your not doing good simon!!!

  17. To the AGT even if Simon giving
    Marceleto pomoy a hard time it really don’t matter cuz The world knows marceleto is a winner in our hearts period the whole world know hem now If Simon don’t make hem win people will stop watching AGT

  18. Sorry agt is not proud thats why they released earlier
    They r forced to release early because someone leak the whole thing in YouTube yesterday around 3pm.

  19. That was an amazing performance worthy of a top price but Simon doesn't want him to win that's why whatever Marcelito sings he will always say negative. Anyways he did everything to win this competition and to give the fans enjoyment.πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  20. Thank you. if only the judges can judge simon can sing/react like you can… but then again, it's a talent show in accordance with simon cowell's point of view!!! Simon chose the song but did not like it… what did he want!

  21. What an appropriate song to describe the drama in this AGT finale.
    The Beauty of the Song in the Singer.
    The Beast of the judge in the judgement.

  22. AGT IS FRAUD. Sorry to disappoint you and thanks for being proud of Marcelito. Here's my proof: Simon Cowell repeated his comment btw re-used the clippings to Marcelito Pomoy in two different Episodes: (Semi-Final) and (Finals) "I think you got a massive career".

    Let me rephrase what i said, the final clippings Simon Cowell said to Marcelito Pomoy ""I think you got a massive career…" then google up the Semi-Finals and lookup for the Simon comment part, in Semi-Finals clipping — its a re-used 5 second of clippings. Simon exact said the same thing "I think you got a massive career…", his actions exact movement, exact grey shirt.

    Since you have the equipment in video editing. I suggest try to put two videos of Semi-Fin and Final and tell me if this are not a re-used clippings. Appreciate to be credited of sharing my findings.Β  Let's help to have Marcelito Pomoy Justice. Marcelito been sabotage. Simon Cowell is Racist, he never liked Filipinos to win example 4th Impact of X-Factor UK (2015), JNS of AGT and more.

  23. Nice sir you truely judge Marcelito .unlike other judge thier so naive he has a favorite contestant that he wants to win .but your one of those voice teachers around the globe who truly believe in marcelito

  24. Said the guy who thinks that regular dancers on a storm troopers custom deserve the golden buzzer and nothing but hate from Marcelito from the start. Hate that old fart

  25. I really loved the way you reacts… its truly amazing how you notice macelito perform this finale song! He has this out of this world…crazy talent on singing! Its really amazes me. Then i watched this reaction then i understand more how good he is on singing! Thank you #MasterOfVoice ❀πŸ’ͺ

  26. He’s a blessing. I can fall in love again! I’m a Filipino and so proud of him! For some decades Philippines has so much Singing Talent to show..I first watched him at the Mall singing in the crowd many many years ago, all were stunned! And here he is,, so popular now! Thank you for believing in him,, and thank you for all your beautiful videos! Thank you for being so proud of him too! You should be one of the judges, not Simon who doesn’t even understands music.

  27. Simon very beast.. πŸ˜‚ SIMON Hindi mrunong tumingin ng totoong talento ng isang TAO.. Use your ears simon. πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚

  28. As I told you simon maybe I think you are not clever about this vocal voice dual magic.you know…this man can really sing becoz of him amazed voice.simon you're old judge crazy decade brain…and you really know about marcelito 'story life in hims family is all true story …and his so humble he just only high school level and no voice lesson but he can sing well.not like you as you are arrogant man old judge you think becoz you are a rich and you have more money stupid simon …

  29. Although Simon set Marcelito to fail, Marcelito proved him wrong by owning the stage with his unique rendtion.

    We all know who is the real winner here. πŸ’•

  30. This is not Marcelito's choice of song. This was recommended by Simon musical team. Marcelito should not go for this song. He should pick the song he is comfortable for the Final performance. Have you heard a song "You don't bring me flowers anymore" by Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond? This could be the shot for the Final song. Well, it's too late..

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