Watchmen 1×08 Promo “A God Walks Into Abar” (HD)

Watchmen 1×08 Promo “A God Walks Into Abar” (HD)

♪ (SLOW JINGLE PLAYS) ♪ -MAN:I love you.
-ANGELA ABAR:We just met.When’d you fall in love with me?MAN:I…
was already in love with you.
ANGELA:Before you even saw me?MAN: I don’t experience
the concept of… before. So… there’s no moment? -MAN: Moment?
-A moment. When you realized,
“I’m in love.” MAN:This is the moment.I just told you that
you can’t save me.
And you’re gonna try to

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  1. Haha I was hoping they would cast a black actor as Dr. Manhattan just to piss off the racists. And they actually did it!

  2. So they just race swapped by favorite character… wtf. Once I heard they were making a Watchmen series I was excited, however, when I realized it was going to be about evil White supremacy, I decided not to give HBO my money. I'm so sick of this shit.

  3. What the actual fuck?!??! That was my reaction since the last two episodes and this trailer…We only hope Glass is fine, otherwise we're gonna riot.

  4. Is this the real Dr. Manhattan I know he going be nerf tho because of budget reasons but still it will be cool to see if it's really him.

  5. The moment they said he was on earth, I knew it had to be "him." Man, Angela got a lot more secrets than I thought. Also, she had a rough childhood. Poor Angie.

  6. God… first they fuck over Hooded Justice backstory, now they make John’s getting another girlfriend like he somehow started to enjoy humanity again???

  7. Why do so many people jerk off this show? It's a mediocre detective show being carried by Moore's universe. Let it die.

  8. Are they Really Breaking Continuity From Changing Dr. Manhattan's from Caucasian to African American because wasn't this a direct continuation from the comics because if you are doing that you're basically going back on your own word there which Really Makes No sense and Kind of Pointless Really

  9. PERGUNTAS! Porque o Looking Glass pegou uma mascara de 1 dos membros da 7K? O relógio do Milenio vai ser acionado daqui a 9h pra que? Nos testes da filha da Lady Treu (Bian) mostra 2 desenhos da mulher que o Comediante matou no Vietnam? Angela Abar serie a Janey Slater? Cal Abar é realmente o Manhathan? Senador quer matar o Cal? Por que atras da porta tinha um Elefante? E finalmente foi explicado por que o Pavor tá sempre comendo kkk. Abraço!

  10. I’m curious if they’ll still use Yahya as Dr Manhattan or they’ll use another actor. I’m assuming it’ll be Yahya but that wouldn’t really make much sense since DM is white and had a completely different face.

  11. If the same actor that plays Cal will be playing Dr Manhattan, is he going to have his dick hanging out?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

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