Weekend Reflection – First Sunday of Lent

– Hello, everyone. Join us this week as we enter
into the season of Lent. (gentle music) This week, we celebrate the first Sunday of the Lenten season. On Wednesday, we entered
into the Lenten season by the mark of ashes on our forehead, and we heard those words, remember that you are dust,
and unto dust you shall return. As we enter into the season of Lent, we need to ask ourselves,
why are we doing this at all? Of course, we are preparing
for Easter, in but in reality, the Lenten season is geared
toward eternal salvation. On Wednesday, we heard those readings, “Do not receive the grace of God in vain.” Well, how do we receive it in vain? On the Day of Judgment, our
sacraments of initiation are not gonna be enough
to get us in the door, and I think it’s good to say it that way, for motivational purposes, and
because of the final nature of what’s at stake, the
salvation of our souls. We are exercising our faith
and putting into practice those disciplines that we need
to win the battle against sin and to truly be good disciples. If you’re like me, we falter, we struggle with the
most simplest of things, but keep trying, and know that
you’re not doing it alone, but let us take this seriously. This is just not another season
for us to progress through. This is training our
spirits, training our flesh, and moving toward those eternal realities, the place that we all long for. And the goal of our
life, is to be with God, and with all the saints and
angels, forever, in Heaven.

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