What I eat in a day while intermittent fasting

What I eat in a day while intermittent fasting

hey guys my name is Sreenithi and welcome
back to my channel so in today’s video I thought I’ll talk to you about what I
basically eat while I’m intermittent fasting so in that eight hour window
that I have to eat my food I thought I would show you guys what I normally
eat and I don’t eat this every day I’ve tried to vary it so I don’t get bored with
the same thing so basically yesterday I broke I started
fasting at around 9 p.m. in the night so at 1 p.m. today I can break my fast and
I currently have 15 minutes until I can break my fast and I am starving and I’m
trying to push myself to wait for 15 minutes but during the 15 minutes I thought
I’ll show you what exactly I’m planning to eat for lunch today this is what I’m
planning to eat for lunch it’s basically vegetable fried rice I
actually cooked this last night and I had it for dinner as well
so basically it just contains rice a couple of vegetables like bell peppers
carrots sweet corn broccoli the usual stuff and then some ginger-garlic paste
and some chilli sauce as well and then salt and pepper for seasoning so that’s
basically what it is so I’m gonna be having this for lunch today
and I haven’t decided if I’m gonna have the same thing again for dinner tonight
I might make something different but I’m not sure yet but I will let you know a
bit later on when it comes to dinnertime and I decided to use a smaller plate
just so I can portion it really well and so I won’t be overeating go over
indulging in what I like to eat so a small plate means a small portion so it
will also be healthy as well I’m gonna have one serving because I do like rice
rice is like one of my favourite foods but it does have a lot of carbohydrates
which isn’t good for you so that’s why I’m portioning it into a small piece that
way less carbs thereby I’m cutting down my carb intake and if I get hungry later
on I might just have a fruit or something so that is basically it
vegetable fried rice but I’m gonna start warming up the vegetable fried rice in
about 5-10 minutes so that way when it hits one o’clock I can start eating and
I shall see you guys a bit later on when I start to talk about dinner see you then
hi guys welcome back so it’s now seven o’clock over here and I decided that I’m
going to start making dinner now so I can finish it off by 8 p.m. and then
start my 16-hour fast at 8 p.m. and I decided to make like a little side
dish to the fried rice that I’m going to have as well so I decided to do an
asparagus and tofu stir-fry as well and just add it to the rice and then see how
that goes so I’m gonna start cooking now but I shall show you guys the finished
product once I’m done cooking see this is the
tofu and asparagus stir fry that I made just a couple of minutes ago so all I
did was saute some onions some bell peppers spring onions put some salt and
pepper for seasoning added I actually sort of cook the tofu beforehand like
quickly pan fry them and then I added it onto the stir-fry so I added some soy
sauce as well some chili sauce because I like my spice and then salt and pepper
for the usual seasoning so that’s basically all I did it was quite easy to
make I’m quite quick as well I just took me like half an hour well maybe less me
about 20 minutes or so to cook this so I’m gonna have as a side dish and now
I’m going to warm up the vegetable fried rice I had earlier on and then have it
together oh that is my dinner asparagus and he was still fry along with my
vegetable fried rice that I made last night and that is basically something
that I would have in a day while intermittent fasting like I said earlier
obviously it is not what I have every day I do vary my food about what I eat
and sometimes I cheat a bit to have like a bit of junk food maybe a McDonald’s or
Burger King but I haven’t done that this week at all
I’ve been quite good but yeah so that’s basically it hope you like my video give
it a big thumb up do subscribe and if you have any kind of questions or
comments don’t forget to put them in the comment section below and I’ll see you
all guys next week see you then bye

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