Why I Practice Fasting (even though i’m not muslim) + fast benefits

Why I Practice Fasting (even though i’m not muslim) + fast benefits

I like to do a 36 hour fast every month now what this means in reality is that basically I skip a day of eating food so… say i’m fasting on a Friday i’ll have my last meal on a Thursday evening and then I will not eat all of Friday and then I will eat again on Saturday at some point, maybe midday, maybe a bit later most of my 36 hour fasts actually turn into 40 – 42 hours just because i’m not really somebody who gets hungry in the morning i tend to wake up the day after my fast and i’m still not really hungry, sometimes till midday, sometimes 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 o’clock in the afternoon now the benefits of fasting… I’ve done 10 fasts now so… I’ve been doing it about a year and I’ve been doing it about once a month each year since i started and the benefits, personally, come in different categories the first one is… just, I’d say directly a health benefit in that… my general mental clarity and my feeling of health is a lot better a lot higher quality, not just the day after or the week after fasting but actually on the day of fasting as well I find that my mental processes are much more ‘sparky’ they’re a lot more switched on I find that once I’ve gone through those initial headaches of the food deprivation which normally comes between 6 and 10pm on the fast day I guess that would be around 24 hours after the last meal roughly once those are gone I have no discomfort, no neck, no shoulder… i’m not somebody who has a lot of aches and pains but… sometimes I might get a headache, I might have a backache, neck ache I might need the occasional massage here and there and I find that after fasting, those just vanish When you fast you smell, you release a lot of toxins and there’s a definite feeling of your body just cleaning out all the nasty toxins and basically anything that it doesn’t want there there’s a lot of waste products in the body and those are in the blood, in the guts and actually in your plasma as well so in… think of it as the lymph system which isn’t directly in the blood or in the digestive system but it’s kind of in between those layers like the tissue fluid Now when you fast, you actually get rid of these now i’m not going to go deep into the science but from my personal experience I definitely feel the benefit in that way the other way is the mental clarity which I briefly touched upon and thirdly, for me it’s like a sense of… power, control, discipline and appreciation, let me just say those again: power, control, discipline, and appreciation When you fast, you are self inflicting calorie restriction you’re self inflicting and you’re self controlling what you eat now it’s a normal human craving, it’s imprinted deep within us biologically to want to eat food all the time and when you see that piece of sugar that piece of chocolate and those crisps, and that fatty food and maybe even more so when you haven’t eaten for a while you want it, you want it bad, you want to eat it now what fasting does is challenges your brain to make those tough decisions ‘no, i’m not going to eat that’ why? I’m not… even if you’re not fully convinced about the reasons you’re fasting maybe you’re just trying it that test of discipline and self control and the opposite of indulgence the opposite of… abstinence is what i’m looking for just abstinence from things which you crave this comes up again all over history and you know there are major groups of people and religions who practice fasting as part of their ritual not only does it have health benefits but it tests you, it tests you to… control your desires to tame your urges and to actually… regain and retake back that control and power over what you do what you eat, what you do eat, what you don’t eat what you do smoke, what you don’t smoke what you do drink, what you don’t drink and it gives you a sense of overall and overwhelming satisfaction and a reward when you finish it also changes your relationship with food you no longer look at food like something that you need but something that you choose to put in your body everything you put in your body after you’ve fasted a few times you really think twice, you think… this is actually going to… go in my mouth in my digestive system, in my blood stream, do I want that in there? maybe I do, maybe I actually don’t on reflection so it definitely changes your relationship with food in a good way it changes your relationship between your mind and your body and… and your overall, I guess you could say soul, not sure what a soul is but it changes your mind, body and soul it gives you this overall greater sense of satisfaction and power I’m an advocate of fasting, I do it every month, sometimes twice a month it’s difficult when you can’t… find the time it’s difficult if you’re working a busy schedule to be honest when I’ve been particularly busy I’ve missed it out but… normally I can find one day a month, that’s all it is, one day a month make it a day where you don’t have plans, where you don’t see people where you’re not scheduling too much but I highly recommend giving it a go Thanks for coming to my channel my name is Mike Welcome to my channel you can find more videos there and there you can subscribe to this channel here I talk about all sorts of things and you found this video today on fasting so congratulations and I hope to see you again soon for now… till next time, byebye!

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  1. أنا نظامي إذا توقفت عن الأكل فتره طويله أكره الطعام بكل أنواعه فقط أشرب الماء هذا شي سئ توقف عن الأكل بوقت طويل غير مفيد ، الصيام يجب أن يكون مثل صيام المسلمين حتي لا تضر صحتك

  2. I’ve been one of your subscribers for 2 years, I’ve always thought you were a Muslim until this video 😅
    In terms of the benefits of fasting especially in Ramadan they’re not just for our bodies, but also for our soul and heart, after IFTAR “breakfasting” the person who really gets the point of fasting, try to change his/her mind about the relationship to God, family, and parents, think that the ability of taming the desires should positively affects his/her social, religious life.

  3. Does anyone on here have any information on fasting and medical restrictions? I want to know if there is any advice for a person with one kidney and the strains and effect fasting has on the body.

  4. سلام mike! أنا أدرس اللغة العربية في جامعتي. I’m wondering if you have any tips on memorizing words/phrases in order to communicate better and not focus so much on translation but more so on conversation. Please let me know, or maybe do a video on how to advance our knowledge of Arabic? Thanks! And MashAllah, your videos are very helpful ☺️.

  5. هنالك البعض يصومون عن الاكل والمشروبات مثل العصائر والمشروبات الغازيه ولكن لا يمتنعون عن الماء يعني يصومون ولكن يشربون الماء حتى يروي عطشه

  6. You should fast only for a day and i mean u can eat when it's dark god is mercifull and when we get really hungry we can stop

  7. everything you said was taught in islam itself 🙂 im glad that you take time to realise that cos even the muslims themselves doesnt understand whats the purpose of the fasting apart from the health benefits. i just glad to hear this !

  8. fasting doesn't work like this Mike. I'm an Egyptian Muslim. Fasting doesn't mean you skip a day without eating, you will eat and drink but within a specific period. for example, we ,Muslims, fast from the beginning of dawn which is 3 am maybe till the maghreb prayer time which is 6 or 7 pm " depends on the prayer time of each country" and after that you will eat untill the Fajr prayer which is 3 am for instance, and so on for only a month in a year. and fasting ramadan is obligatory for muslims because for all the benefits you've said because it makes your body rest from working for a while because you consume it every second per day. my advice is you can fast for only one or two days per week.

  9. hello, you have a great channel, i am sure u will hit 500k subs in no time, Also i am really interested to know what was your motive and reasons behind learning arabic. thanks

  10. hey there , I have been watching your videos I like them and I would suggest you to actually consider Islam to take it as a religion first study it and you will see how right it is and the very close example is that as a Muslim we fast 1 month each year which is good for us so whatever Islam teaches us to do is all good for us.

  11. fasting for spiritual/religious beliefs and health are sometimes done by many people… a few religions have their own fasting requirements and ways…

    as a muslim myself, i practised the obligatory fasting in the month of Ramadhan since young. sometimes i practised the voluntary fasting on certain days and dates according to the Hijri Calendar.

    so far, i've watched and read a few online articles and youtube vids regarding the intermittent fasting (IF) and most of the benefits and downside shared by those people are legit to me. i've done the 16-8 fasting-eating IF 3-4 days a week more than a month now. OMAD (one meal a day) intermittent fasting and >24hrs IF are next on my plan… cant wait to try them.

    I can agree more with you about all the benefits we can reap through IF fasting.

    btw, I have heard about ancient philosophers fasting for health and mind clarity. many of them fast to have a clearer mind.

  12. Many people in the comments will tell you how benificial fasting here, but most of it comes because of religious belief so take it with a side of salt, while I think fasting (from only food, do not stop drinking water if you are not muslim) less than a day every now and then I don't think excessive fasting is helpful, and even moderately fasting is not as good as some people here are saying

  13. Of course I fast Ramadan every year .. Fasting become harder in hot days of summer specially in southern countries

  14. That isn't how Muslim fasts go, that's closer to an intermediate fast. Muslim fasts during Ramadaan, they wake up before sunrise, honestly gluttonize as much food and drink as much as they can, then go the whole day without food or water, and do the same thing again after sunset.

    Now, this sounds very harsh, and not every Muslim I am sure does this, but many do. It's actually a problem, man. Muslim deaths by overeating and dehydration increase during Ramadaan. Obviously religiously, they can't drink during the day, but what they can do is, of course, try not to get as hot, so that is that solved, and then the other is eat less, at least at night.

    I am not a Muslim, but I feel many Muslims view the fasting more as a suffering than a blessing, and that is why they eat so much. But that is coming from a Christian point of view where our fasts are weeks without food, days without food and water, and many seem to try the Jesus fast if possible, of 40 days no food (I think I have heard stories of people doing 40 days no food or water, but scientifically that is impossible,) though our fasts are not obligatory. We do so to deny the flesh, grow closer to the Lord and pray for revelation or healing. But I think that is because we view God as us being his children and not just servants, but also, for instance, if we are trying to minister to someone and them get saved, we may pray and fast and pray for the Lord to reveal himself to them or make it click and them convert willingly, or give us peace and move on, etc.

    Fasting is actually very good. It is reccomended all fast once a week, not eating anything for a whole day, that is, eating the night before, not eating anything for 24hrs. Before something like a Football (soccer) match, it is reccomended you don't eat anything for 36 hrs before the match, and not eat again until after it.

  15. I suggest you try fast for a month “maybe on Ramadan btw it’s coming soon” and share your experience as a non muslim =)

  16. انت محظوظ حقا لاكل صيامك سايؤديك لانه خطئ الصيام لا يتعدى 18 ساعة

  17. ياصديقي ما رأيك ان تقرأ عن الاسلام اكثر سوف تحبه وتصبح مسلما لان اسلام يجعلنا نبتعد عن كل شيء يضرنا هناك بعض المسلمين لا يطبقون الدين وهم يعشون اسوء حياة ولكن المسلم الحقيقي يطبق الدين وهو مرتاح جدا في حياته من كل النواحي

    فلهذا الصوم مهم جدا لدينا لانه يعودنا على الشعور بالآخرين مثل الفقراء والمساكين وكذلك يجعلنا نشعر بصحة اكثر ويخلصنا من الأمراض وكذلك اجر عظيم من عند الله

  18. But you drink water right? One day fasting is not a big problem and it has a lot of benefits but not for a whole month and specially not during the summer.

  19. انت تصوم بشكل خاطئ الصيام ليس ان تمسك نفسك عن الاكل طوال اليوم وتآكل اليوم الذي بعده بل تمسك نفسك عن الاكل من اذان الفجر حتى المغرب وعند اذان المغرب تاكل حتى اذان الفجر وهكذا ..

  20. الصيام يجعلك تشعر بالناس الفقراء الذي ليس لديهم طعام وليس لديهم ماء وايضاً يجعلك تشعر بالنعم التي لديك من اكل وشرب الحمدلله 💙

  21. انت نسيت تذكر اهم شي بالصيام وهو انك تشعر بحال الفقراء الي مايحصلون اكل لعد ايام

    الله يحفظك خوية الغالي ❤️😶

  22. im a muslim brother and i dont believe fasting for muslims was originally restricted to ramadan..its a whole year endevour since our prophet fast every monday and thursday of every week

  23. U studied arabic language very well but u study qur'an and all the religion u will become the one you will never expected to be

  24. Hey – as you know I always reply to as many comments on YouTube as I can!

    If you’d like to contact me directly you can do so easily here 👉 https://www.patreon.com/arabicmike 👈

    It’s an easy way of supporting my channel whilst at the same time easy for you to ask a question about anything Arabic / English / Middle East related. I’m there all the time – maybe I’ll see you there soon! 😄 https://www.patreon.com/arabicmike 👈

  25. ضحكتي التعاليق رجعنا ايام الفصحى هههههههههه بالنسبه الي كاني بكرتون اطفال انمي خخخخ

  26. Totally agree . That was a brilliant explanation Mike. Actually for us as Muslims it is not only quiting food and drinks and smoking, It's also about stopping lying, looking at bad situation , talking about people on their back….Excellent video★★
    Instead of fasting 40 you can fast just from dawn to sunset .it is the appropriate period . And then do it for instance in two successive days per month . Trust me♥★

  27. assalamualaikum, I know you are not Muslim but don't fast on Friday if you can. thanks, just an advice. may GOD bless you with what you wish in this world and Bette hereafter. u go Boy!! lots of love

  28. نحن العرب المسلمون نصوم شهر رمضان كاملا من شروق الشمس حتى غروبها هذا ما أمرنا به الإسلام
    انا من مصر

  29. We don’t only fast about eating also, we fast about people like we don’t hurt and miss behave or be rude with people just letting you know that.

  30. In addition of what you have said, when we fast, we usually start to desire eating every thing in front of us just because we are not allowed to do so at the current moment. This feeling of huge appetite and incapability of eating remind us of helpless and poor people who are suffering every day to find food to survive.

  31. in may until june or something is ramadan it is for fasting do ramadan in kuwait and visit me next year 2019 in salwa

  32. كثير من الناس لا يعلم ماهي فوائد الصيام ، في الإسلام وفي غيره
    يظننون أنه فقط الشعور بحال الفقير هي الحكمة الوحيدة من الصيام وهذا غير صحيح

    من ظمن ما يجهله الناس عن الصيام :
    -وهو أن الصيام يزيد التركيز في العمل أو في الدراسة بنسبة عالية ، يعني بدل من أن تشرب كوب من القهوة صم يوم كامل
    وهناك مثل عربي سائد (البطنه تذهب الفطنه) ، معناه : الشبع والامتلاء يفقدك التركيز والذكاء.

    -والصيام أيضًا يفقدك الشهيه حتى وإن أفطرت
    -الصيام فيه تنقية للجسم من خلال راحة الجهاز الهضمي فيركز على تنقية الدم أكثر.
    -وأيضًا يعالج الكثير من الأمراض ، مثل الاورام .
    -ينقي الجسم ويخفف الوزن .
    -يقوي الإرادة
    -يقربك إلى الله أكثر لأنك تشعر أنك تحتاج وتفتقر إلى خالقك وأنت صائم
    -يذكرك بضعف الإنسان ، ويذكرك بأن الأكل عباده
    -قال صلى الله عليه وسلم: (الصوم جنة)
    ومعنى جنة: وقاية في الدنيا من المعاصي بكسر الشهوة، وحفظ الجوارح، وفي الآخرة من النار. 
    – قال الله تعالى في محكم آياته : (يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الصِّيَامُ كَمَا كُتِبَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِنْ قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ) [البقرة:183].
    فالوصول إلى التقوى غاية الصيام العظمى، وهدفه الأسمى.

    ويوجد الكثير من الجوانب الصحيه والروحيه في الصيام
    من يعرف شيئا يكتبه بتعليق تحت تعليقي لكي يستفيد الناس

  33. Asalamalaikum
    You speak ( very well) quoranic arabic, you fast, you might pray as well…. just say the shahada man, ‏اشهد أن لا اله الا الله وأشهد أن محمد رسول الله

  34. O Allah
    I pray that you'll soon convert to Islam
    You can speak arabic and you understand fusha too
    So please يا أخي
    Allah gives you an edge
    please use it to find out the truth
    Try to read the qur'an and understand the point,in shaa Allah that will makes you feel peaceful
    Try to learn about islam
    Your edge can make it easier for you to understand the quran and Islam ان شاء الله

  35. قال نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
    ( صوموا تصحوا ) قبل 1400 سنة
    والآن العلم الحديث يثبت ذلك
    على ماذا يدل هذا ي من أكرمكم ربكم بالعقل

  36. I've noticed that almost all things in Islam give us a lot of benefits…!!! a lot of stuffs that Scientists discover r already in Islam!!!

  37. Fasting is not restricted to Muslims
    Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists also fast
    but as muslim we fasy only 14 or 16 hours a day
    40 hours WOOOw CRAZY

  38. احسنت . تحليلك منطقي جدا ، سبحان الله!! هذا تماما ما أخبر به دكاترة مختصين و قاموا بأبحات عبر سنوات حول الصيام!

  39. مايك اقرأ عن الإسلام سوف يعجبك… اريد أن اسأل سؤال لكن عن شي يخصك.. ماهي ديانتك🙃 أن لم يعجبك السؤال لاترد علي😔💔

  40. You should research about Islam more
    And I highly recommend you don't listen from the fake muslims who don't even know their religion
    Go read from the true books that are from the prophet Muhammad directly and the quran also
    I'm talking with an experience
    Man this is the best life you can live
    The more you get nearer to allah the more you get relieved and more stable and you will see difference in your life
    Only those who experienced would understand!

  41. Maik …i advice you to listen to zakir naiik in youtube you will know more things about islam..
    By the way i am from egyptvand learn from you english ..i respect you man

  42. O Mike, so that you may be one of the people of Paradise and of the immortals. 0 And you will be saved from hell and torment. But this life is mortal. The real life in the Hereafter. Either Naim eternal or eternal torment.

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