Will You get healed if Medicine Fails ? Aapka Abdhut Samay | Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

Will You get healed if Medicine Fails ? Aapka Abdhut Samay | Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

My name is Christober Doss. My native place is Kanyakumari districtm. Now Iam living in Chennai. I have two children Iam working as a building contractor. I had pain, a serious pain in this jaw region. Upper jaw and lower jaw So i cannot eat. While eating a sound will be heard. Cannot open my mouth very widely. I could open only a little bit and eat. I had such thing. He could open his mouth only a little bit. That too, he can eat rice by making it as a liquid. He was eating in that way. He could not open his mouth to eat anything that is hard. I could not bite Murruku or anything like that. I could not bite anything. Even I cannot bite and eat banana properly. For three years I was like this. Before that it was better but for three years i was in very serious condition. So we took him to the hospital and they suggested an Xray. After all the Xrays were taken, they told us “upper and lower jaw bones are depreciated. This is not the place for treatment This is not common for all. We do not know So it cannot be treated. Its done” they said. We went to another doctor, but he too said the same that this is a very rare case. There is no surgery or treatment for this. We went to three hospitals. All the three doctors were shocked and said that they even don’t know the reason
for this and there is no medicine for this. They said that this cannot be treated by medicine. In this hard situation, In Chennai Brother’s meeting was going on. Brother Mohan C Lazarus’ meeting
was going on at St.George School. We as a family went to that meeting. [Music] Bro Mohan.C.Lazarus said keep your hand on
the parts wherever you have pain and pray. People who are diseased, people who say “my body has disease, I have
weakness, some parts of my body are damaged, I need healing”, lift your hands. keep your hand on the part where you have disease. Jesus, touch me. Jesus, touch my child. The moment you say the name Jesus, Lord touches you. Your prayers are heard. Miracles are happening. pray pray pray. You are receiving. You are delivered. Healing in the name of Jesus. Unholy spirit is leaving in the name of Jesus. Pains are vanishing in the name of Jesus. Your prayers are being heard. Thank you Jesus. Praise the Lord for touching me. I praise you for healing me. I too, touched my Jaw where I
had pain and prayed with burden At that instance, God heard my prayers and delivered me from all pains. I felt that. Then, after coming home,
whatever I was not able to eat before I was able to eat them normally. Now, my husband does not have any problem. He is very normal and is able to
open his mouth and could take any diet. He could even eat hard food,now. [Music] Now, I can eat everything normally. I don’t have any pain now. From 2018 March, till this
moment Iam completely healthy. I thank Jesus for doing such a great
miracle and great deliverance to me. Crores of thanks to Jesus. Beloved, I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ. Iam happy to see you. Iam happy to pray for you. Every week, in this specific day
we do prayers for your miracles. We feel happy when many get miraculous healing
and you inform us the places wherever you go. If you know any of your friends who are
affected by sickness, tell them to watch this show. When they watch, they will get hope. When they pray, Jesus do miracle to them also. So let others know. Many people are struggling
because of sickness, aren’t they? Many are affected by diseases. Now you have heard a miraculous testimony. We saw, Brother.Christober who was
affected by serious pain in jaw bone. Many years he had this problem For three years it was very severe. He could not open his mouth or eat. See, What a pity ! When they took scan, What did the doctor say? “We havn’t seen such a disease. Bone may be depreciated. We cannot do anything. Operation cannot be done in that part”. They went to three doctors. All the three said the same. “We haven’t seen such a disease. It is strange. There is no medicine for this. Medicine cannot cure this disease. It is done.”said the doctor. No medicine can ever cure this. Three years of sufferings, pain, He was in a condition in which he cannot even eat. Think about it. How much sufferings? See, if we are affected by any
disease how much we have to suffer. And that too if doctors say that they
cannot do anything, then how much pain is it ! Doctors have declared that
medicine can do nothing to this disease. That situation, where we donot know where to go. My dears, Even in your life, you might have been
affected by sickness and you may be abandoned. Medicines cannot heal. Even when the medicines are changed it is of no use. Doctors are advising for scan and other treatments but the disease cannot be found. It is a strange disease. No one knows the medicine for this disease. Surgery cannot be done. Have these words about you made your heart worried? Jesus is saying one word unto you. Exodus 15:26 My son, My daughter, Iam the Lord who healeth thee. Iam the Lord who heals you which means” Iam the God who heals you”,says the lord. He says “Iam the lord who can heal you”. You might have been abandoned by everyone. People brought all sorts of diseased men to Jesus Christ. He gave sight to the blind. He made the deaf to hear. He made the dumb to speak. He made the lame to walk. He delivered those who were in the clutch of satan. Different kinds of diseased people were brought to him. Not even to a single man he said “Oh! I cannot heal this.This is strange. This disease cannot be healed”. Had he ever told these words to anyone? No. He did not say. He healed everyone. He can heal all sorts of diseased people. He can heal whatever the disease may be. He can do. You should not underestimate his powers. He can heal that, but how this can be healed? Even doctors said there is
no medicine for this and it is done. Even treatments said the same. This cannot be healed. Are you thinking so? Jesus can do. When medicines abandon you Jesus says,”I will not abandon you”. When medicine says “cannot”. Jesus says, ” I can”. Thats what he says, Can Jesus can heal. Do not fear. See, how miraculously God has healed. They have come to the meeting in search of God. When we ask them to put their hands on the diseased part, He kept his hands with hope. “Oh! doctors have said that it cannot be healed, there are no medicines they cannot do anything”,they didnot think like that. Jesus can heal. When they put their hands with hope and prayed, God’s power touched him. “And the prayer of faith shall save the sick”. That means, it heals the sick. Prayer has that much power. That is why, I pray for you in all programmes. Prayer has power. Do you know why? God who hears our prayer is powerful. Jesus who answers our prayer is powerful. He can heal any disease. He can do any miracle. That is why, Jesus is as
powerful as the power of our prayer. Pray, it is enough. Pray with faith along with me. Let us pray together. Let us pray today, now. There will be healing. Doctors might have abandoned. Medicines might have refuse to heal. They could have said it is done. Medicine had said me so. My heart was bulged. My right leg has stopped functioning. Deathbed. They took me to the doctors. My mom was crying. A doctor who studied in abroad treated me so well, He desired to heal me by any means, I saw his desire to heal me. Heart specialist checked me completely and said that my heart is completely damaged. Nothing can be done. Medicines cannot heal this. It is done. They comforted and sent my parents and asked them to keep me at home. At any time there may be death. That is what we can do and the medicines can do. We can do nothing anymore. Keep him at your home. Deathbed. Doctors have abandoned. Medcines did not work. It refused. Death was approaching me. At that time, we do not have any relation with Jesus. Another thing, I don’t like Jesus at all. I used to get angry, if
anybody comes to say about Jesus. That religious devotion on other side. At that situation, Jesus comes to meet me. One brother, He was not a servant of God. He was an employee in a factory. He was a worker in TVS company at padi in Chennai. My mom looks at him and cries. Doctors have abandoned My son is going to die. She asks “Will you pray to Jesus Christ?”. He told “I will pray”. He did not say I will call
a servant of God or a pastor. He said I will pray. That is Jesus. Jesus will do miracles, even if you pray. Jesus will give answer, even if you seek him. ” No, I will heal you only if you Mohan C Lazarus pray,
you should go to Naalumavadi”, Jesus will never say like that. Wherever you may be, where you are sitting,
it may be your house, it may be a hospital, just if you remain in the same place and if you ask “Jesus heal me”, A miracle will happen to you. Jesus Jesus Jesus He is the one who do miracles. Do you know why? Because he has bared your sin,
sickness, curse in the cross. They hit the nail in his fingers. They hit the nail in his legs. He endured it. He devoted his body to cruelty by shedding his blood. Do you know why? He accepted our sufferings unto him. He accepted unto him our pain caused by sickness. That is why, when we pray “Jesus touch me”, his arms touch us. When his wounded hands touch us,
we are healed by his wounded hands. In meetings, when we put our hands
and pray how does the miracle happens? There is no magic, spell or anything like that. Jesus, and the faith on him is the only thing I have. So what happens when they put their hands and pray, God looks their faith and touches them with his hands. Immediately, the sickness is healed. When Jesus touches, the sickness will be healed at once. When Jesus touches, the pain will be vanished at once. When Jesus touches, whatever the
sickness may be, it will be healed at once. Now he will touch and heal you. Do you believe? So you should keep your hands on the diseased part. Now, you yourself keep your hands I will give you two minutes time, you yourself should pray. keep your hands on the places wherever you have disease. Cancer keep your hands on that part. If you have cyst, keep your hands there. If you have pain, keep hands there. If your eyes cannot see keep your hands on your eyes. If ears cannot hear ask them to keep hands on them. If leg has pain so cannot walk keep your hands there. Now, keep your hands and we are going to pray for five minutes. I will pray let there be healing in the name of Jesus. You have to pray Jesus touch me You have bared my sickness in the cross By your stripes we are healed. Touch me Jesus touch me Heal me by your stripes. Heal my child. You have to pray. Are you praying? Open your mouth and ask. Do miracle, Jesus Give deliverance,Jesus Open your mouth and say Pray for two minutes. Keep your hands on the diseased parts. Let there be healing in the name of Jesus. Let there be deliverance in the name of Jesus. Touch me, Jesus Touch my child, Jesus. Heal me Jesus. Father, they are praying, Father your children are praying. You have bared the cross for them You devoted to hit your hands with nails. You accepted the scars. You bared the cross for sins, disease and curse Remember that,Father You touched and healed all the infected with pity. Father, People are suffering because of pain and sickness. Father, they are suffering because of Cancer disease. Father, they are suffering
because of nerve and bone damage. Lord, Touch them. Touch and heal them in the name of Jesus Christ. Touch them with your striped hands. Let the disease leave in the name of Jesus. Let the pain leave in the name of Jesus. Let the bonds break in the name of Jesus. Let your miraculous healing power come down. Let all the cyst be vanished in the name of Jesus. Let Cancer be vanished. Let asthma and Tuberculosis disease
be vanished in the name of Jesus. Let arthritis be vanished. Let there be healing in bones and nerves. Touch and heal the children. Let the sickbeds be changed. Let your striped hands touch everyone. Healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ. Let miracle happen in the name of Jesus Christ. Let each and everyone be healed and delivered. Praise you God for touching. Thank You Jesus, by your stripes we are healed. Thank you Jesus Praise you God for touching and healing. We are expecting an miracle with hope. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray Amen Amen. Beloved God has touched. You have felt his touch. Now lift your hands and praise God. Praise God. Thank You for touching me. Thank You for healing me. Thank You for changing my pains. Thank You for withdrawing sickness Thank you Jesus Open your mouth and say Praise you Jesus God has touched. You have felt his touch. Test it. Your bone is healed. Cyst has vanished. Cyst in your body has vanished. Lumps has vanished. Thyroid Cyst in neck has vanished. Test it. No. It is an miraculous healing. Thank Jesus. Can you convey to us immediately. A miracle has happened to me I got the healing. God has touched me You have prayed for your kidney, haven’t you? and now there is no pain. Your kidney will work properly from now. You will see the proper functioning of your kidney. God has touched you. Arthritis, joint full of pain. Now try to fold your fingers, you will be able to fold it well. Your pain has gone. Now the joint pain has gone. Healing in the name of Jesus. You are bedridden Now, you have sat Start to walk. You are healed. God has touched you. Just praise God and walk, thats it. You have received healing. God has touched you. Praise Jesus. Can you tell me the miracle you received immediately? so that we can also glorify Jesus and you can also testify and glorify Jesus. Many will watch that and glorify Jesus. Their hope will also be strengthened. Let us know immediately. Thank Jesus for healing you. Don’t forget to read bible and pray regularly. Do not do sin anymore. Donot give place for sin. Have fear for lord and walk in his path. Only then the healing will sustain. Let Jesus’ blessing be with you all forever. Amen

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