Yoga for Self Reflection | 30 Min Yoga Stretch Restorative and Yin Yoga | ChriskaYoga

Yoga for Self Reflection | 30 Min Yoga Stretch Restorative and Yin Yoga | ChriskaYoga

Hello i’m christina and welcome to my channel, ChriskaYoga! In today’s video, I will be doing a yoga sequence for self reflection this sequence is a Combination of stretches restorative poses some Yin poses will be holding the poses for quite some time So you will need yoga props the yoga props that you’ll need are Listed here on the screen Doing these poses with the guided meditations and the props that I give you will help you to really look inward Discover things about yourself these are things that I like to do myself to feel better things that I like to do before I Journal or before I go to sleep at night or even things that I think about when I’m getting ready to start my day So I really hope that this helps you and I hope that you enjoy it before we get started if you are not yet subscribed To this channel hit that subscribe button down below the video and the notification Fell right next to it. It is free and I would love to have you as a subscriber as a part of this growing and yoga community Here on YouTube so definitely subscribe you won’t want to miss out so if you’re ready, let’s get started So we’re going to begin in Sukhasana or easy pose. I’m going to sit on this blanket So I’ll take it into a square and then fold it in half and then I’m going to come to sit right on the rounded edge of the yoga blanket And this just promotes What’s the promote it promotes a tilt of your pelvis forward, so you’re not rounding your spine in the back? And you’re not sitting on your tailbone so when you find your seat your comfortable seat to cross your shins Flex your feet under your knees bring your hands to your legs Sit up tall and close your eyes Take a deep breath in through your nose, and then release that breath out through your nose as well And slowly come to open your eyes gently letting the light back in and we’ll take a forward fold I’m going to shift Back a bit so you can see me on An inhale lengthen your spine sit up taller and on an exhale Walk your torso forward As far as you can if you’re just here today. That’s fine Wherever you are come to a forward fold relax looking down and construct your arms out in front of you cross them whatever Is comfortable for you today and just remain here for a few deep breaths Slowly come up out of your forward fold take your legs uncross them and cross them in the opposite direction So with the opposite leg in front On an inhale lengthen your spine once again and on an exhale bring your left hand to the floor And your right arm reaching up and over on the diagonal and come to a tilt to the left Stretching the right side of your torso look up towards this one Breathe here for a moment You Inhale come back up And then from here We’ll take a twist to bring your right hand to your left knee your left arm behind You either on the floor or on the blanket whatever you are sitting on inhale lengthen your spine exhale Twist to the left looking as far behind you as you can Keep lengthen your spine Each inhale lengthen even further and each exhale just twist a bit deeper than before Slowly unwind and come back to the center and will tilt to the right this time so on an inhale place your right hand down reach your left arm up and Then tilt over on an exhale to the right Lengthening the left side of your body reach that left arm up and over on the diagonal energy in your hands and your fingers Then you can look up towards the ceiling as well I Didn’t mention this on the other side, but be sure that your left sits bone remains on the floor as well So we have a tendency to lift it up plant it firmly into the ground And at the same time reach up and out on the diagonal with your left arm And just hold here And he’ll come up out of your tilt and will twist so take your left hand to your right knee your Right arm behind. You inhale lengthen your spine exhale twist to the right Looking behind you or as far as you can to the right And just as we did on the other side keep lengthening through your spine with each inhale But with each exhale twist just a bit deeper You And unwind from your twist coming back to the center. We’ll move on to our first restorative pose So take your blanket and set it off to the side just for now you may actually need it for this pose, but I am going to take my bolster if You don’t have a bolster You can use pillows Preferably a bed pillow or a longer pillow because you’re going to be resting your torso on top of it so from here We’re coming into a supported Child’s Pose So come onto your hands and knees with your pillow in front of you touch your big toes together and separate your knees apart Preferably wider than your pillow From here set your hips on to your heels if your hips don’t touch your heels you can use your blanket place the blanket or another pillow perhaps on top of your heels and calves And then you can sit on top of that just to create some more lift And this way you have something to rest your hips on So from here, you can also do the same with your pillow So slide your pillow in so it’s right in between your thighs And you can either just rest right on top of the pillow a bolster or for some more lift You can take your blanket in a square and Then fold it so that the length matches the length of the pillow or bolster and then place your torso on top of the bolster we’ll start out by turning our head to the right and Resting on the left side of the face on the floor and have your hands on either side of the bolster with your palms facing upwards And as you remain here with your eyes closed Begin to look inward And just observe Observe, what is happening with your thoughts? Observe, what is happening with your body? And just notice what is going on And remain here Gently lift your head up Turn it to the left place the right side of your face on the pillow or bolster and hold here You So from here set your props off to the side, and we’re going to be using our yoga block Sit on the ground take your yoga ball Straighten your right leg out and Bend your left leg and bring the heel in towards the pelvis and From here place your yoga block right in front of you I’m going to place about the tallest height because that’s most comfortable for me. You can relax your feet here And we’re going to come into a forward fold and stay here with our head on top of the block so Inhale lengthen your spine be sure you’re sitting on the two sits bones. Evenly on the bottom of your pelvis into the ground and inhale lengthen your spine exhale Come to your forward fold bringing your head to the floor if you need to adjust your block That’s fine, just Be sure that you’re comfortable here and as we did in our previous pose place your hands palms facing up on either side of your yoga block and remain here And as you were here In your forward fold with your head down Begin to come back in Notice your thoughts and then chairs one Just choose one thought that you would like to focus on And breathe into it Notice where it goes Gently lift your head up Gently walk your torso back up to a seated position Set your block off to the side, so you can switch your legs stretch the left leg out and bend the right leg in Bringing the right heel in towards the pelvis And then you can put your yoga block back in front of you Once again be sure you’re sitting on the two sits bones at the bottom of your pelvis planted firmly and evenly into the ground and how lengthen your spine and exhale walk your torso forward Resting your head on top of the block Come your hands on either side if the block can place your palms up towards the ceiling And remain here and once again come back inward you can once again draw your attention to your thoughts and You can choose the same thought as you did on the other side or a different one And just sit with it for a moment You Bring some motion back into your body and jump so you walk yourself back up to a seated position From here set your yoga blocks off to the side And we’ll take some counter poses since we’ve been holding that pose for quite some time So bend your legs place the bottoms of your feet on the floor in front of you sitting up Once again on the two sit bones at the bottom of your pelvis place your hands on either side of your hips And we’re just going to take an inhale lengthen the spine exhale Drop both of your knees to the left Keeping your torso where it is. I’m just going to drop your knees over to the left take an inhale bring the knees back up And on an exhale drop them over to the right We’ll do this a few times with each inhale that you take bring your knees up with the exhale drop your knees to the side alternating right and left Slow and bring your knees back up It’ll take our final pose so come to lying on your back For this I’m going to use my yoga blanket So lying flat on my back the yoga blanket is optional but I’m going to take it fold it in the elongated rectangle and place it right on my pelvis and lower abdomen Now from here Legs are bent feet are flat on the floor and walk your feet out to the edges of your yoga mat So they’re pretty wide wider than your hips and then from here send your knees in towards each other so this is Constructive rest and I’m having a bit of weight from the co of a blanket to my pelvis to feel a bit more grounded It helps with anxiety the other blanket and the weight of the blanket will help to ground you down a bit and calm you down So from here place your hands on the floor turn your palms up towards the ceiling Then close your eyes Begin to deepen your breath Breathing in and out through your nose draw all of your attention to your inhales and your exhales If you notice throughout this process that your mind wanders, which it most likely will gently acknowledge the thought Set it to the side as you come back to focusing on your breath Just remain here You You Bring some slight motion back into your limbs moving your hands your feet Can gently remove your blanket if you were using one set it off to the side walk your feet in towards each other and Roll to the right side of your body resting there with your knees bent Bring your arm under your head for support These are hounds to help you come to a seated position cross your shins Flex your feet under your knees once again bring your hands to your legs sit up tall take a deep breath in and a deep breath out And bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips namaste Thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this class if you liked it Please hit that like button give it a thumbs up down below video It would really help me out and help the channel to grow help it to expand and reach more people So please hit that like button and leave me a comment letting me know What did you discover during these meditations if you’d like to share I would love to know what things came up for you What did you think about during the meditations? I would love to know I always love to hear from you Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. It’s free to subscribe I would love to have you as a part of this community online here And if you subscribe you’ll be getting free weekly yoga videos from me also Don’t forget to check out my website, For even more yoga resources tons and tons of yoga resources on my website Free yoga challenges premium yoga resources that are awesome and also don’t forget to follow me over on instagram @chriskayoga for yoga motivation and inspiration Behind the scenes of this channel so much more updates on the insta story Definitely follow me over there as well all the links to everything that I mentioned and more are listed in the description Box below this video, thank you so much, see you next time

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  1. I hope you enjoyed this yoga class for self-reflection! Don't forget to let me know how you felt and what you discovered during this class in the comments below! Also, let me know if you would like to join my upcoming membership community, which I will be starting very soon! Let me know here:

  2. Hello beautiful lady I hope you are well. I on the other hand haven't been. My back has been pretty bad and I'm getting over the norovirus! I will get back into my at home practice, I've missed doing your videos. So glad to see you on here. Much love beautiful 💖 💖 💖 💖

  3. With the full moon in full blast of pulling and tugging at my energy, this was a wonderfully soothing practice as a counterbalance. Thank you 💮🌺💮

  4. Loved this Christina! Perfect for my Sunday stretch. Especially loved how long the poses were held. Thank you!

  5. I really needed and enjoyed this. Had a lot of work tension and stress today, so this was nice to do before heading to bed. Thank you!!

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